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6 Ways to Overcome Clash of Kings Often Comes Out Alone / Force Close

6 Ways to Overcome Clash of Kings Often Comes Out Alone / Force Close
6 Ways to Overcome Clash of Kings Often Comes Out Alone / Force Close

There is another game that is currently popular and has quite a number of players, namely Clash of Kings. This game will reportedly get a special update in the month of Ramadan this year, and it will certainly add fun to the gameplay in it.

But what if the game This cool Clash of Kings often error out itself / force close when played on an android phone? (no need to answer)

Of course, no one wants to experience something like that when they are having fun playing the game Clash of Kings. So that’s why this article was created, because below I will briefly explain simple tips to overcome force close in Clash of Kings.

Overcoming Clash of Kings Often Comes Out Alone

You can actually do the method below to solve other related problems, for example, such as: LAG, app has stopped working, slow, slow, unfortunately the app stops, and other common problems.

Immediately, the first is…

1. Find a good internet connection (4G)

This first point applies if the game you are playing is online, such as Clash Royale, PUBG Mobile, Mobile Legend, and other online games. So make sure that your internet connection is stable.

H+ or 4G doesn’t matter, as long as it’s stable.

2. Reduce active apps in the background

This one is also quite important, especially for those who have a mediocre RAM capacity. Make sure that the remaining RAM memory space on your phone is adequate, according to the recommendations of the related game you want to play.

3. Don’t let the phone overheat

Keep the phone at a normal temperature and don’t tend to overheat. (overheat) This overheating situation, in addition to reducing performance, can also damage hardware components if it continues for a long period of time.

4. Download on Google Playstore only

My advice, it’s better to download the APK directly from Google Playstore instead. Besides being safer, of course the quality is also better because it has not been tampered with by other parties. (besides the developers themselves)

5. Clean junk/cache/temporary files

Don’t forget to also clean the temporary junk files that have been used before. For example, the thumbnail of an image file will have a temporary file after the image is opened.

In addition, you can also use third-party applications so that the cleaning process can be done easily and faster, for example, such as: Clean Master.

6. Check your phone’s specifications

The minimum specifications for Clash of Kings are as follows:

– CPU = Quad Core or more
– GPU = Integrated (follows CPU)
– RAM = 1GB or more

7. No additional…

So far there is nothing else that I can add in my tips for dealing with Clash of Kings which often comes out alone / force close. In the future it may be added if there is one.


The first thing you have to do in identifying the “health” of your cellphone is to make sure it’s in the “software” section first. (like the points I mentioned above)

Then, then move on to the “hardware” section if you have done everything you can but it doesn’t work. (last choice: LEMBIRU)


Remember, the points I wrote above are my own personal opinion. So it’s only natural if there are things that don’t match / agree with those of you who are reading this article.

As for those of you who accidentally get lost on this blog, it’s better NOT to go out right away. Better have a look list of contents from a collection of articles that I have written this simple blog.

Maybe, you will find other related articles.

That’s all the advice…


That’s the article about 6 Ways to Overcome Clash of Kings Often Comes Out Alone / Force Closes Hopefully the information that I have written through the article above can be useful for those of you who read it.

Sorry if there is a wrong word,

See you at another time.

thank you

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