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5 Ways to Overcome Can't Download on Android Play Store

When we download or download applications on the Google Play Store, sometimes there are some problems that cause the application to not be downloaded or downloaded. Or maybe the application that has been downloaded cannot run, even if it has just been opened, it has an error and is closed again. Of course this is very annoying, especially if the application is really needed and will be used right away. These are some of the causes and ways to overcome the difficulty of not being able to download, update, or error in the application on an Android smartphone.

1. Android version is not compatible
Every application in the Playstore has a minimum compatibility version, which is the minimum version of Android on which the application can run. For example, if the minimum compatibility version of the application is Android 6.0 or Marshmallow, of course, a smartphone with an Android version below will not be able to download the application. This problem can be solved by updating the Android system on our smartphone, but if the update is not available, then another solution is to look for a custom ROM with the minimum Android version required by the application. However, this method is not recommended because if the custom ROM is not compatible with our smartphone, then the worst risk is that the smartphone can die completely and cannot be used anymore. It would be better to buy the latest Smartphone to be able to use the necessary applications, especially if the application is very useful for our education or work.

2. Lack of Memory To Save Applications
This problem often occurs where when we are about to download but suddenly it fails, or when the download is already running halfway or almost complete, but the application fails to install. Of course we are upset because we have waited long enough but in vain because the download failed. For that, provide enough space to download the application that will be used, at least 2 times the size listed on the Google Play Store. If necessary, add a memory card because there are several applications that can store data on the memory card so it doesn’t waste internal memory.

3. HP specifications do not match application requirements
There are certain applications that require the technology provided by the smartphone. An example is an application with a fingerprint that requires a fingerprint scanner sensor feature or a fingerprint scanner sensor from the smartphone. If the smartphone does not have it, of course the application will not run properly, sometimes it cannot even be downloaded. The solution to this problem is to buy a smartphone that has the features needed by the applications we use.

4. The application does have an error and needs improvement
Some applications cannot run on certain smartphones because there are indeed bugs or coding errors in the application. The solution is to report the error to the developer team of the application, either via email or the send error report feature from the Google Play Store. Wait until the developer updates the application so that it doesn’t error again.

5. Unstable Internet Connection
An unstable internet connection causes downloads to fail or errors in the middle of the road, so make sure the internet is stable if you want to update or download applications on the Google Play Store, especially when downloading large files such as games with good graphics.