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5 Tips, Tricks, How To Speed ​​Up Anti Slow Wifi Internet Connection

An internet connection in this day and age is definitely needed. Many daily activities that involve an internet connection, from photos on Instagram, statuses on Facebook, to replying to work E-Mails, are all done using an internet connection. For that, a fast, anti-slow, and anti-slow internet connection is needed. Here are Tips, Tricks, How to Speed ​​Up Anti Slow Wifi Internet Connection.

1. Change DNS
DNS (Domain Name System) is a service that functions to translate domain names or websites into IP addresses and vice versa so that users do not need to remember the IP address number of the website. Usually, we will automatically use the DNS from the ISP that we use

2. Close Tabs and Cancel Unnecessary Downloads
Tabs that are open and still load certain web pages will eat up internet quota so that internet speed will be reduced. The same thing also happens when downloading files from the internet, our internet speed will also decrease.

3. Clear Browsing Data
Browsers usually save our browsing history data automatically unless changed to private browsing mode in settings. With normal mode, the longer the data is not deleted, the more it will accumulate and make browsing speed decrease.

4. Change Router / Modem
Modems or routers that do not support fast connections cannot use the internet speed from the ISP in full or full power so that the internet connection speed becomes ineffective, like using a racing car on a traffic jam.

5. Change Provider
If all optimizations have been tried but the internet speed is still slow, it is possible that your internet provider is slow and it is better to change to another provider.

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