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5 Places / Websites To Register and Create Free / Paid Blogs

Blog is a web application that contains informative writings on a particular topic. In blogs, we can share information or knowledge so that the knowledge we have can be useful for others. For example, with business knowledge, we can create a blog about business and its ways so that other people can visit our blog and learn to be better. In addition to educating, from blogs, we can also get satisfaction from writing or profit in the form of money if our blog has started to be monetized. In making blogs, we usually use the templates that have been provided so there is no need to be confused about making designs for those who want to focus on writing only. Here are some website platforms to register and create a free and paid blog.

1. Blogger / Blogspot
Blogger is a free blogging site managed by the tech giant Google. The advantage of using Blogspot is the ease of connecting to a Google Adsense account. With Google Adsense, we can monetize blogs so that we get money.

2. WordPress
WordPress is one of the most popular free blogging services to use. WordPress is also open source so it’s easier to modify or custom according to our wishes. There are also quite a lot of plugins on offer so you don’t have to bother when there are certain needs.

3. Weebly
Weebly also provides a free blog with easy access to a variety of quality images and slideshows that make the blog more beautiful. Weebly also provides an editor for programming users so that they can change the structure and appearance of the blog with HTML, CSS, and javascript languages.

4. Wix
Wix is ​​also a web service that provides free blogs. Wix also has a drag and drop feature for site builders, making it easier for users to design blogs without having any web design or programming knowledge.

5. SquareSpace
Squarespace is the only blogging service that doesn’t provide free blogs. Free blogs are only available during the free trial and after that, the user has to pay a certain amount of money to continue to use the existing facilities.

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