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5 Mobile Legends Heroes With Long Distance Skills To Base !!!

In the Mobile Legends game, being able to use skills from a distance is certainly very beneficial because distance is usually a common problem in using skills. It is possible that the enemy can run away when the enemy is no longer within attack range and the enemy’s HP is low, but with a skill that knows no distance, this is impossible because even if you run away, you will definitely be hit by a skill and eventually die. Here are 5 Heroes in Mobile Legends with long-range skills that can reach up to the opponent’s base.

1. Lesley

Lesley is a reliable sniper. In addition to his passive skill, namely Lethal Shot which has additional critical damage and attack distance, Lesley’s ultimate skill can also shoot opponents even if he runs away to the base. Lesley is a reliable marksman with the most painful damage at the moment. However, Lesley’s damage is only concentrated on 1 enemy, in contrast to Miya and Moskov who can attack several enemies at once. In addition, the shot is certain to hit the opponent even though the target hero can be protected by other opposing heroes.

2. Yi Sun Shin

Yi Sun Shin’s ultimate skill is more powerful than Lesley’s ultimate skill. If Lesley’s ultimate skill has to be used when the opponent is within shooting range, Yi Sun Shin can use it anytime and anywhere without being limited by distance! When Yi Sun Shin’s ultimate skill is used, all existing enemies will be seen in their position in the map and are affected by damage from this skill shot even though the opponent is at the base. This is one of the advantages and greatness of the hero Yi Sun Shin. However, the damage from this skill can be avoided by running fast. If using Hilda or Karina, use the fast running skill plus shoe items to avoid damage from this skill.

3. Angela

Angela can enter the body of her friend’s hero so that the hero has an additional shield from Angela and becomes thicker. Not only that, Angel can still attack even though he is in another hero’s body.

4. Moscow

Moskov’s ultimate skill can hit an opponent located in a straight line of throwing his spear, even to the opponent’s base. The spear throw can hit several opposing heroes at once, so if there is a little blood left and is hit by Moskov’s ultimate skill, then the hero will surely die. However, the use of this skill is quite difficult because it has to target the opponent’s hero from the controller so that if it targets the opponent incorrectly, this skill becomes useless because it doesn’t hit anything.

5. Helcurt

Helcurt has a skill to blur the opponent’s view so that he can only see opponents that are really close to him. Of course this is very dangerous because the opponent cannot see Helcurt who is approaching him. In addition, this Helcurt skill also hits all enemy heroes even though the enemy is in base camp. To avoid being attacked when Helcurt uses this skill, retreat to near the tower or if you are in the forest enter the grass until the effect of this skill disappears.

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