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4 Functions and Uses of Future Virtual Reality Technology

Virtual Reality (VR) technology is currently growing, even with the help of smartphones and VR accessories, smartphone users can already feel the sensation of virtual reality anywhere and anytime. Of course, this technology has many uses that can be felt in various fields of life. These are some of the uses of Virtual Reality (VR) in several fields.

1. Electronic Games and Sports (E-Sports)

Currently, several games on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store already use VR technology. One game that uses this technology is a game called Resident Evil 7, which is certainly familiar to horror gamers around the world. Resident Evil 7 is very scary because it is filled with surprising things and very scary monsters, especially if you say it is played with VR technology that makes players feel like they are in a game.

2. Simulation

Simulation using VR will certainly be easier to do and save costs compared to having to prepare high-tech goods and equipment for a simulation. For example, for a simulation of extinguishing a fire, there is no need to make a real fire or prepare extinguishing equipment, but only with sufficient controllers and equipment, it is already possible to do the extinguishing simulation. In addition, the controller can also be used for other simulations, such as simulating shooting, driving a car, or controlling an airplane, even a ship.

3. Movies or Entertainment

Movies in theaters currently still use 3D technology and not yet 4D or with VR. It is possible that cinemas in the future also offer movie facilities with VR technology. One of the films that can be experienced with this technology is Conjuring 2. Of course, it would be very scary to watch a horror film with VR technology, and it is not recommended for those who have heart disease.

4. Education

With VR technology, of course, lessons become easier to learn, especially to explain parts that are difficult to explain. In addition, learning is also more interesting and fun with digital technology such as VR so that students are more diligent in studying and interested in attending school.

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