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5 Heroes Who Have the Best Lifesteal Skills in Mobile Legends

Lifesteal or stealing lives is the ability to add blood when attacking an opponent, be it minions or creeps, monsters in the forest, or enemy heroes. This ability is very useful for any type of hero except tanks. With the lifesteal ability, the hero becomes even more difficult to defeat because his blood or HP continues to increase every time he attacks the opponent. Not all heroes in Mobile Legends have lifesteal abilities, usually lifesteal is obtained from gear purchased while playing. Here are some heroes who have lifesteal abilities from their skills.

1. Alucard
Alucard is a fighter hero who has a fairly large percentage of lifesteal when he uses his ultimate skill. He is able to hunt in the forest quickly and defeat 2 heroes at once when the items are ready.

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2. Alpha
Currently, Alpha is one of the favorite heroes that is often used in ranked games, especially in draft picks at the Epic, Legend, and Mythic or Mythical glory levels. This hero also has a stun effect from his skills.

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3. Alice
Alice is a mage type hero who does rely on lifesteal abilities, especially from the first skill and ultimate skill. Combining lifesteal items with this hero will make it very strong and difficult to beat when using ultimate skills. However, even though her lifesteal ability is high and her ultimate skill is an area skill, it doesn’t mean that Alice is a hero who can’t die.

4. Hayabusa
Hayabusa is an assassin ninja who has a lifesteal ability when using his ultimate skill. In addition, Hayabusa also cannot be attacked while using his ultimate skill. He is also able to escape quickly by moving to his shadow place when he is finished using his ultimate skill. This is what makes Hayabusa difficult to beat.

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5. Ruby
Ruby is a fighter-type hero with a sickle weapon that can attract several enemy heroes at once. His skills are also equipped with stun, making him a deadly fighter for the team. When the opposing team is stunned, Ruby’s team can attack the stunned hero as a group.

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