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6 New Items or Gear Mobile Legends Update July 2021

At the beginning of July 2021, Mobile Legends added several new items that made this game even more exciting. Of course a good item must be used by the right hero, otherwise the item will just become mediocre or useless. Here are 6 new gear added to the Mobile Legends game in early July 2021.

1. Demon Shoes (Movement)
This shoe adds a mana regen effect of 30 points and 40 points of movement speed. In addition, when successfully eliminating or defeating or killing the opponent’s hero (as well as assists), this shoe user will get 10% and 4% mana regeneration when killing creeps or minions.

2. Wind Of Nature (Physical Attack)
Adds 10 points of physical attack damage, 25% attack speed and 15% lifesteal. When active will get immunity to all physical damage for 2 seconds. The cooldown of this effect is 80 seconds. The duration will be reduced by half when not using marksman.

3. Soul Scroll (Magic)
Adds 10 magic power points and 15 magic pen points. Every time you defeat your opponent’s hero, you will get 5 soul stacks and assists will get 3 soul stacks. Every 15 soul stack gets 25 points of magic damage. This effect will accumulate until the damage from this item adds 100 points of magic power. The weakness of using this item is that all effects of adding magic power from the soul stack will disappear when the user’s hero dies.

4. Golden Staff (Physical Attack)
Adds 65 points of physical damage (physical attack) and 30% attack speed (attack speed). Every 1% critical chance will increase 1% attack speed. Every normal attack or basic attack will add an endless strike stack where after 2 stacks are collected, the third stack will trigger the basic attack effect 3 times.

5. Sky Guardian Helmet (Defense)
Adds 1550 HP and 100 HP Regen. Regenerates 1.5% of the hero’s total HP. Defeating enemy heroes will increase regeneration by 0.4% and assists will increase regeneration by 0.2%. This effect will stack up to a maximum of 3.5%. This effect will disappear within 5 seconds after the hero deals damage.

6. Twilight Armor (Defense)
Adds 1200 HP, 400 Mana, and 50 HP Regen. If the hero takes more than 900 points of physical damage, then the hero will only receive a maximum of 900 more physical damage for 5 seconds.

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