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5 Best Champions for Counter Wukong League of Legends: Wild Rift

As one of the Champion meta, Wukong has enormous potential if built properly. With a lethal combination of skills, Wukong can be the best initiator and roamer in Wild Rift. Champion which derive from Sun Mythology Wukong it has crowd control, dash, and attack abilities which are quite high.

Even so, Wukong actually can still be anticipated with the right strategy and counter-pick choices. Therefore, we have compiled some Champion suitable for fighting Wukong.


Are you curious about Champion League of Legends: Wild Rift anything that is strong and effective against Wukong? Just take a look at the list below, OK!

1. Garen


Wukong have skills – Golden Staff which can support ordinary attacks aka Basic Attack. Lucky, Garen has a skill – Courage that can withstand every deadly attack from the enemy. With the help of Courage, Garen can anticipate every attack Wukong very easily.

In fact, the combination of Nimbus Strike and Crushing Blow won’t be too pronounced for Garen. No wonder, if Wukong in the end it will be very difficult to face off against Garen.

Garen also has the skill – Decisive Strike which can give the enemy a silence effect. If used in the right momentum, Garen could anticipate every attack initiation and escape attempt from Wukong. In addition, Garen is also equipped with the Judgment skill which is ideal for fighting Wukong who has the ability to invisibility and creates clones.

2. Darius


Darius is a Wild Rift Champion who can anticipate Wukong very effectively. Wukong guaranteed to have to play very carefully if you do not want to be killed easily. With a high level of durability and offensiveness, Darius becomes a Champion Counter which is ideal for fighting Wukong.

Darius has the skill – Decimate which allows him to easily attack melee champions, like Wukong. Decimate is also effectively used to kill Clone from Wukong.

In addition, Darius also has a skill – Apprehend that can lock Wukong’s movements. Once hit, Wukong will be able to be easily executed with the help of the ultimate skill – Noxian Guillotine which has a fairly high level of damage.

3. Camille


Passive skill from Camille can withstand a combination of attacks from Wukong. Because the passive skill – Adaptive Defense can provide a shield to Camille. In addition, Camille also has skill 2 – Tactical Sweep which can provide healing assistance when dealing with Wukong. Supported by high durability, Camille can anticipate every Wukong attack very easily.

Other than that, Camille has the ultimate skill – Hextech Ultimatum which can catch Wukong very easily. When caught, Wukong is guaranteed not to be able to escape. This condition makes Wukong very easy to be attacked by the enemy team. If you don’t have a high level of defense, Wukong will be killed very quickly.

4. Jax


Jax is a top-lane Champion that is quite lethal. In the face of Wukong, Jax benefits from a fairly high progression of power. So, Jax will not experience out-scaling from Wukong in the mid-game or late-game phase.

These advantages are also accompanied by a high level of durability from Jax. So, Jax will be able to last much longer in the middle of the fight against Wukong.

Unfortunately, Jax is not as agile as Wukong. On several occasions, Jax must be able to adjust the right momentum to use the skills – Counter Strike and Leap Dash to give a stun effect.

Even if he is unable to lock Wukong, Jax will still be ideal to face the onslaught of attacks from the deadly Wukong. Because, Jax has a good evasion ability and a significant reduction in damage.

5. Olaf


Olaf could easily face Wukong. Because, Olaf is equipped with a high and stable DPS level. In addition, Olaf also has the ability to be immune to the CC effect of Wukong. So, Olaf can easily face Wukong. With increased attack speed and True Damage, Wukong is guaranteed to think twice about fighting Olaf in a solo fight.

Unfortunately, Olaf is not sustainable enough if he has to fight against Wukong in a team fight. Because, Wukong can easily give surprise attacks and is agile enough to run with skills – Nimbus Strike or Warrior Tricster.

In that case, Olaf will need the help of another Champion to lock (CC effect) towards Wukong. Once locked, Wukong is guaranteed to be very quickly killed by Olaf.

In the PC version, there are other champions that are actually ideal for facing Wukong, namely Renekton and Karma. Unfortunately, these two Champions haven’t been released in Wild Rift yet. Even so, the five Champion Counters above are ideal for facing Wukong in battle.

One thing that needs to be understood against Wukong is the ability to scale (strength development with each level). Wukong has very high scaling. In some cases, you will be able to easily deal with Wukong in the early game.

However, when entering the mid-game or late-game, Wukong will become much stronger and can even finish you off very easily. So, stay alert and be careful to fight back Wukong in that phase.

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What do you think about the lineup of Champions to face Wukong on? Do you have any recommendations Champion other? Please write your opinion in the comments column. Also, stay tuned for the latest information about Wild Rift only here yes!

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