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FAU-G Substitute PUBG Mobile India Officially Released in India

In September 2021, we were shocked by the news about the ban on the game PUBG Mobile in India. Yes, at that time, the Indian government was actively blocking Chinese applications. And PUBG Mobile including one of the games affected.

PUBG Mobile itself is a very popular game among Indian gamers. In fact, the number of players PUBG Mobile in India is the most in the world. Because of that, the party PUBG Corp take a lot of strategies to be able to re-release PUBG Mobile in India. One of them is collaborating with Microsoft.

Indian Battle Royale Game FAU-G has Released


After being banned PUBG Mobile, many games are rumored to be substitutes PUBG Mobile in India. One of them is a game called FAU-G or we can call it Fauji. Yes, the game was previously predicted to be a replacement PUBG Mobile in India.

Finally the moment that players have been waiting for has arrived, Game FAU-G has been released on January 26, 2021. This game was developed by nCore Games which is a mobile software company in India. This time FAU-G is available at Google Play Store.

However, unfortunately this game is only released for the Indian server. So for those of you who want to try this game, you won’t find it here Play Store. You can play this game, the trick is to use VPN with Indian servers.

PUBG Mobile India is Under Development

PUBG Mobile India

Previously, PUBG Corp has worked with Azure Microsoft to develop this game. They plan to use the server from Azure for PUBG Mobile in India. And in fact, PUBG itself has announced some time ago regarding PUBG Mobile India.

Naturally PUBG Mobile India will be different from PUBG Mobile Global version. The game was developed based on the culture and environment in India. The goal is to make the game more acceptable to all circles in India.

As of today, there is no official information regarding when the game will be released. With Game launch FAU-G which is currently released, will PUBG Mobile eliminated? This can happen, if PUBG Corp not releasing soon PUBG Mobile India.

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