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Wild! This is Hayabusa's Full Damage Build from Top Global Mobile Legends – After the makeover, here is the latest Hayabusa build for mobile legends from the top of the world. Savage just got easier!

As we know, Hayabusa made a revision of the second and third skills last season. So here I am going to share the latest Hayabusa build according to its current capabilities. This build is made up of items and gear often used by global tops like Jess no Limit and AntiMage.

What will Hayabusa’s build structure look like after the revision? Let’s check out the following review!

Hayabusa is one of the best heroes in mobile legends who takes on the role of the assassin. This hero, who sells for 32,000 BP, is known to be very strong and often goes wild. So it is very suitable for those of you who want to rise to the rank of legend.

As with most assassins, Hayabusa’s ability does significant damage. Even in a one-on-one match, Hayabusa can easily win the game as long as no henchmen or friends get in the way.

Yup! Even a small figure like a servant can interfere with Hayabusa’s ultimate ability, which is known to be sick. Therefore, before using the ultimate skill, make sure that there are no monsters or minions bothering each other!

Before the fight starts, I recommend Hayabusa players kill the monsters in the forest. In the jungle you can also kill minions and take buffs so that you have the highest level in the game. For battle spells, I suggest you choose retribution to help if you have jungle.

Best Hayabusa builds

An assassin’s thin blood is indeed a challenge for a gamer. Hence, in urgent cases, you can deceive your opponent by using Quad Shadow to move locations.

The detailed information about Hayabusa are as follows:

Hayabusa status

  • PS: 2679
  • Mana: 479
  • Mana Restoration: Nov.
  • HP recovery: 37
  • Physical attack: 114
  • Magical Power: –
  • Protection: 17
  • Magic shield: 10
  • Movement speed: 260
  • Attack Speed: 0.854

Hayabusa skills / abilities

  • capability passive: After successfully attacking the same opponent 4 times in a row, Hayabusa’s HP (blood) recovers. This effect can be used every 3 seconds.
  • First ability – Phantom Shuriken : Hayabusa throws 3 Shuriken into the area and forms a fan. Some of the Shuriken deal +250 Physical Damage and +140 additional Physical Attack. This skill can also slow enemies by 60% and regenerate Hayabusa’s mana by up to 20%. Unique, currently the three shuriken function like boomerangs that can return to their own hayabusa.
  • Second ability – Quad shadow : Hayabusa will release 4 shadows in the intended direction. When the shadow hits the enemy, this skill slows the enemy by 60% and deals +120 physical damage. With this skill, Hayabusa can move according to the existence of his shadow.
  • Third ability (ultimate) – Killing shadows : Hayabusa turns into a shadow and runs through the battle area with great damage. Hayabusa deals +130 Physical Damage and 90% additional Physical Attack. If the attack hits the same enemy, the double attack increases by 5% per attack.

Given Hayabusa’s abilities, it is not surprising that he is often referred to as a strong hero and is known to be raunchy due to his Quad Shadow skills.

And here are the best Hayabusa builds that will give you free wildness!

Latest Hayabusa build: full attack for Savage!

Here are the Hayabusa build items that IDKurir successfully lumped together:

Blade of Heptaseas

Blade of the 7 seasFor the first item, AntiMage recommends buying Blade of Heptaseas.

This item can be called a multi-ability item. After purchasing this item you will get +65 Physical Attack, +300 HP (Blood) and + 20% Attack Speed. Of course, as your opponent grows, you need an item that can add HP while dealing significant damage, and this item is the solution!

In addition to this, this item also has a passive ability that is very helpful. This item increases Hayabusa’s base attack by 10% as if using a combat spell for rage. Not only that, attacking your opponent with a skill will slightly reduce the attack of the next opponent.

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Warrior boots

Warrior boots

Hayabusa is a hero with an assassin role known to be slippery and very difficult to kill. Even so, Hayabusa still needs shoes to escape or chase opponents.

Based on recommendations from AntiMage and Jess no Limit, we chose Warrior Boots as the moving item that you need to purchase. In addition to +40 movement speed, you also get +22 armor, which is certainly useful when you want to kill your opponent’s Makrsman.

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Bloodlust ax

Bloodlust axThis item is a mandatory item that you need to purchase. Using this item gives you +70 Physical Attack and Basic Skill Time due to +10 Cooldown Reduction.

Additionally, this item has a passive ability that is perfect for an assassin. That is, if the skill you started can hurt your opponent, you will get 20% HP regeneration from the damage you dealt.

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Endless struggle

Endless struggle

After purchasing the 3 core items above, you can buy Endless Battle to complete the next item. Then why should you buy this item?

Often referred to as an all-in-one, this item not only offers additional physical attacks, but also offers HP, life steal, additional mana, and movement speed. Very complete!

This item will allow you to rub your opponent with the Quad Shadow skill.

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Malicious roar

Malicious roarThis versatile item is indeed very suitable when used by Hayabusa. With its agility for roaming and also split push, a Hayabusa has to buy this item.

This item not only adds physical attacks but is also very useful for Split Push due to the unique ability called Armor Buster. With this item, any base attack ignores 20% of the defense tank’s defense. So that the push tower becomes faster.

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Blade of Despair

Blade of Despair

I’m sure all assassin and fighter players are familiar with this Despair Blade item, right?

This prima donna item has a very great ability. Deals +170 Physical Attack and 10% Attack Speed, so all players are looking for money to buy.

So now you know what’s the latest Hayabusa build that Wilde can create?

Remarks : If the opponent has a lot of tank heroes, replace the Blade of Heptaseas with Malefic Roar.

That’s the latest article titled The Best Hayabusa Build That Can Go Wild From The Global Top. Hopefully this article is useful and don’t forget to share this article on your social media.

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