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How to Get Over 1000 Aurora Crystals in Mobile Legends – Would you like to buy cheap zodiac skins? This is the trick to collect the most precious COA (Crystal of Aurora) almost for free!

As a MOBA game, Mobile Legends often presents exclusive skins that can only be purchased at certain times. Call it the Skins Legends, Lightborn, KOF, Zodiac, Saber Squad, Venom and many others.

The presentation of various types of special effects, e.g. B. when accessing or using skills, lets anyone who sees them buy the skin.

One way to buy Zodiac skins and Epic Limited skins with no diamonds is to use COA, which stands for Crystal of Aurora. Indeed, the presence of this COA can be considered one of the best alternatives to replacing the rather expensive ML diamond.

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Unfortunately, collecting COA is arguably difficult and easy. Not only do you need to be careful, you also need to know where we can get COA easily.

How to get Crystal of Aurora almost FREE

Here I am going to provide 4 event recommendations that you can use to get COA easily and at the lowest cost. For those who can’t wait and want to buy Zodiac skins or Epic Limited skins this month, let’s take a look at the steps below.


The key to collecting this aurora crystal is HARD-WORKING. So please keep an eye on this event folks!

1. Daily supply of Aurora Crystal

Daily supply of Aurora crystal

While quite legitimate, not many Mobile Legends players are aware of the existence of this daily Coa event. With just 10 diamonds, you can make gacha with attractive prices without risk.

With a gacha capital of 10 diamonds, you have the opportunity to get 10 to 50 aurora crystals. This is of course very profitable, because 1 Coa equals 1 diamond. Of course, if you get 50 Coa with a capital of 10 diamonds, you are very lucky. But if you only get 10 Coa with a capital of 10 diamonds, you will of course experience no loss.

As the name suggests, the daily requirement of this aurora crystal can only be purchased once a day. As I said earlier, collecting Coa through this event means logging in and making purchases every day.

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For friends who want to know where this event is, please follow the steps below.

  • Open the Mobile Legends game.
  • Go to shop.
  • On the menu Recommended packages, Please select Daily supply of Aurora crystal.
  • Make purchases with 10 diamonds.
  • And you will receive a gift in the form of an aurora crystal.

2. Firebolt Flare Event

Big events like Firebolt Bruno not only offer Bruno’s epic limited skin, but also first-class recall effects with death signs, frames and tower statues and, of course, plenty of Aurora crystal.

Especially for free players, this event offers 10 free draws, with each draw offering different types of attractive prizes. If you do not receive the main prize, you can exchange any token received.

Each round you have the option to receive from 2 to 20 tokens, with any 10 tokens you receive being exchangeable for 70 Aurora Crystals. An event that is absolutely worth it!

3. Lucky Strike Event

Summer lucky strike

If you like diamond charges but don’t know about this event, you are sure to suffer a lot. With only Rp. 15,000 you not only get 55 diamonds, but also other bonuses such as 10 aurora crystals and 1 pink fragment.

4. Aurora monthly pass crystal (50% discount)

Aurora monthly card crystal

Finally, the COA monthly pass event. I’m sure anyone who wants a zodiac skin will know about this event, right?

There are many benefits when you subscribe to the Crystal of Aurora Monthly Pass. Moonton itself claims that by subscribing to this package you will get a 210% discount.

  • You can receive 50 Aurora Crystals for every month.
  • You can receive 35 Aurora Crystals for each day.
  • In total, you can easily get more than 1100 Coa.

Another thing to know is that you can get up to 50% discount on your first purchase of this package, so you only have to pay Rp. 50,000 to subscribe to this package.

Hence the article on how to easily get an aurora crystal. Hopefully this article is useful and don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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