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Title: Tutorial hero Lesley Mobile Legend
Link: Tutorial hero Lesley Mobile Legend

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Tutorial hero Lesley Mobile Legend

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Tutorial on how to play Hero Lesley.

Lesley is one of the mobile legend heroes who has a lot of fans. Lesley is divided into 2 types, can be a shooter or an assassin. This hero is very popular due to the damage or attacks in the late game (around 8 minutes and longer). Because of the high damage, many people are often overwhelmed by this hero.

The advantage of Lesley is that this hero has a long range of fire and, of course, very high damage. Do not forget that Skill 1 is very functional as it can disappear and therefore it is very difficult to lock from enemy heroes. The ultimate skill or skill 3 can lock the hero against all heroes including Natalia who has disappeared.

The disadvantages of Lesley herself are also many. First, Lesley has thin blood because, to my knowledge, Marksman, Assassin, Mage heroes have little bars of blood. So easy to die when faced with kidnapping. Then Lesley’s lack of attack speed is also absent, so Lesley loses if you duel with a hero with high attack speed right up close or from a distance. Examples of heroes with high attack speed: Miya, Karrie, Bruno and others. This hero has a difficulty level of around 60%.

This hero has 3 abilities which are as follows:

  • Skill 1: Disappear and increase the damage / shot power.
  • Skill 2: Jump back and throw something in front of you (enemy hero). This skill deals damage and the enemy falls far away.
  • Skill 3: Block enemy heroes far or near and fire up to 4 bullets.

How to use Lesley’s heroes right and right.

Early game (early minutes) 0-4 minutes.

  1. Focus Clear the lane (Minions), especially the middle lane, and try to get into a position in the middle (Mid).
  2. Farms / jungles (kill forest monsters) so your money or gold is quick.
  3. Try the 4th minute you are level 3.

Medium game (medium game) 5-10 minutes

  1. Get used to hiking or walking to the bottom or top line / line and try to kill hermit crabs and enemies as hermit crabs money is quite high and killing can also give you extra bonus money / gold.
  2. Keep your distance, because Lesley is a type of sniper who is heavily attacked by opponents due to her very high damage. In case of war, stay behind the tank.
  3. Focus on killing forest monsters, clearing paths, and helping friends when someone has problems.

Late game (long game) from 11 minutes.

  1. Do not be alone much, because many enemy heroes aim for it.
  2. When a war occurs, try to lock a hero with high damage, for example: sniper / mage.
  3. Use Skill 1 to repay the opposing Hero’s blood if he dies instantly (Skill 3).
  4. Play as a group, don’t be selfish.
  5. Kill the lord if there is a chance. Its function is to attack the enemy base.

The point is, when using this hero, try to protect yourself from enemy heroes when war or war is going on. My tips are final, if the early game focuses on farming and clears the lane when you enter the middle game, try to kill the enemy while you can or there is a chance, and in the late game as a team, try to kill the enemy Protect bodies from enemy heroes during the war and lock out heroes with high damage and have thin blood

Well, maybe that’s just a few explanations about Lesley’s heroes. Hopefully it can help colleagues, especially those who play mobile legends and hero lovers. If you have any questions, you can reach them via the contact provided. Don’t forget to use the word VICTORY as well. Thanks very much.

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This is the tutorial for Hero Lesley Mobile Legend

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