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Title: Latest COC game news and destiny
Link: Latest COC game news and destiny

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Latest COC game news and destiny

Current COC-News and Fate (Clash Of Clans)

The game of Supercell Clash Of Clans or often referred to as COC is a war strategy game that involves building a defensive city and building a strong army to attack enemy city defenses, mobile and fading after the new games featuring the MOBA genre (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena). .

The game COC (Clash Of Clans) was released in September 2013 while the MOBA game was seen by players around 2021 and until now the MOBA game is still the most popular game and still the prima donna in the hearts of the players. So COC games are popular for up to 4 years. The question for clashers or ex-clashers around the world is what is the news and fate of the latest COC game? Is it still the same as before or has it changed due to the intense competition in the gaming world?

Last update

Current COC-News and Fate (Clash Of Clans)

So far the maximum was only at the town hall or (town hall) TH 11, now the last update of the COC game with a blue characteristic can be increased to TH 12. Can this update bring back former clashers?

After the admin learned that COC could be updated to TH 12, the admin immediately downloaded the COC game again with the previous TH admin on TH 11, apparently an update to TH 12 requires quite a bit of gold and there is also a requirement To be able to update it to th 12, which must be full defensive weapons before the update, so in th 11 the defensive weapons must be complete, according to the admin it actually makes you lazy to play COC games, and also for friends with Premature Town Hall.

Many town halls are not administered

Current COC-News and Fate (Clash Of Clans)

After speeding up troops or soldiers with gems to try farming immediately, it turns out that when looking for enemy bases, many town halls are neglected or bases are dead, maybe that’s because a lot of Clashers are leaving the COC game have elixir that is not so much, this indicates that the COC account is becoming increasingly confusing and there has been no activity on the account for a long time, you can even say that the COC game is now quiet.

Troop or troop

Current COC-News and Fate (Clash Of Clans)

Remember the excitement when the COC game gets an update? Zap when Clasher is waiting for a new squad that turns out to be just an addition to the Builder base and disappoints many Clashers. In this latest update many troops can be upgraded and there is a new troop called Golem there in the black barracks at level 8. Perhaps friends who want to try the new troop can download the COC game again and feel nostalgic about themselves Feel the evolution of the latest COC news and destiny.


When the admin tried to start the war it turned out to be not as fast as before, which used to take less than 1 hour to find an opponent and now it takes about a day to get an opponent Opponents in the top-level clans indicate that the COC game will now be quieter and the clashers in the top-level clans will become less active.

A few reviews of the news and the fate of the game COC (Clash Of Clans), hopefully it will be interesting information and happy activities.

Hence the latest COC game news and Fate articles

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