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Title: Tricks to know the level of teammates
Link: Tricks to Know the Level of Teammates

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Tricks to know the level of teammates

Every time we play Mobile Legends, we are surely curious about the level of our teammates. In fact, however, there is no function to find out the level of teammates. All we can do is find out if we’re in the same room so we can see our teammates’ rankings before the game.

However, it turns out that there is a trick you can use to find out the level of your teammates. That means, if you look at the border or the border of the avatar border, the usual avatar border in character information is not meant here. But the limit that exists in entering the game. Let’s look at the trick on how to tell the level or rank of a teammate.

level elite

The edge or the edge of the elite player is matte gray. This limit is not too noticeable, in fact, this elite limit is nothing special.

Step master

If the player’s limit is bronze, it means that the player has the mastery level. The border is bronze and the decoration looks normal, which means that the player has the rank of master.

Grandmaster level

Players who own the Grand Master of the level have one trait on their limit which is silver. It was pretty easy to identify a player at grandmaster level. Only players with the Grand Master level have the silver border.

Epic level

Tier Epic has an easily identifiable function, which is its green border color. Just like the epic animal symbol, the green bull. The decoration of the border also extends from most borders from other rows.

Level legend

The edge of the legend player has a golden color and is also decorated. You can see an example above. Unlike the previous tier’s boundaries, Legend’s boundaries have a rather noticeable pattern. So it’s pretty easy to spot.
level Mythical

Those with the Mythic level must have something very noticeable about them. An example is the border or the border of your avatar is very different from other border levels. The above image is a feature of the Mythic Tier Player with a pretty sleek frame.

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