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Title: PUBG Mobile latest patch update 0.7.0
Link: PUBG Mobile latest patch update 0.7.0

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PUBG Mobile latest patch update 0.7.0

PUBG Mobile latest patch update 0.7.0

The following is the latest PUBG Mobile Patch Update that is being released. This update is quite large as it takes almost 1.5 GB to download this patch. This is obvious as a lot of new features are being released. Here is a list from Update Patch 0.7.0

Arcade mode – war

– A new, faster variant of the arcade mode.

New weapons

– The SLR sniper rifle has been added.
– Added light foregrip, half foregrip, thumb anticipation.
– Parameters for Vertical Foregrip and Angled Foregrip have been adjusted.


– Added lots of fun and challenging long term goals. Complete difficult objectives to earn titles and outfits.


– Added title to the game. Players can choose one that will appear by their name.


– Players can now create or join clans, unlocking clan insignia, missions, and the clan shop.


– Check out the regional leaderboards to see who is the best.

First person perspective

– Now supported in custom rooms.

Chat system

– Added team channel to find teams.
– A community system has been added where players can find topics that interest them using tags.

Like function

– Players can now give each other likes after a game. The number of LIKEs received is displayed on a player’s profile page.

New animations

– Characters now have different poses on the results screen depending on their performance.
– Added new idle animation for female characters.

Redesign of the main menu user interface

– The main user interface has been redesigned so that players can get into different modes faster.

Redesign of the shop user interface

– Simplified shop user interface.

Multiple box purchases and batch dismantling

– All boxes can now be bought 10 at a time.
– Additional items in the inventory can now be dismantled in stacks.

Box vouchers

– Crates can now be opened by coupons that are created by combining coupon remnants.


– Added new vehicles, helmets, backpacks and new character faces.

Other improvements

– Messages can now be marked as read immediately.
– Players can see friends recommended by the system.
– Added more sharing options.
– Room owners now have access to more room parameters.
– The friends list was improved to fix an issue where data errors would occur when there were too many friends.
– Added weapon information to spectator mode.
– An immediate refuel button has been added so that vehicles with low fuel consumption can be refueled instantly.
– Custom controls: sprint button, pickup list.

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