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This is a list of the most wanted and popular free Android game applications

Most searched and popular Android game apps – The games on the Android Playstore are currently one of the most downloaded applications by gadget users. Games are one of the entertainment applications that almost all Android users need to install as well as other platforms, even if it’s just a game on their smartphone or gadget. It is also the reason that more and more game applications are appearing from different game application developers, both new and old developers.

Android games that are usually in great demand is a game with an interesting game mode and is also included in one of the types of games that can be downloaded for free with no annoying ads. In addition, good graphics also determine whether an Android game is popular with downloaders or not. If you’re curious about what game applications are in high demand right now, here are some references: most wanted Android games of downloaders who can be a recommendation for you.

Most searched and popular Android game apps

1. Icon pop quiz

Game icon pop quiz

With an easy to play game mode, this Android game is a type of game that has a simple but fun look to it. In order to play this Android game, you must correctly and correctly mention the brand or symbol that appears in it. In addition, you don’t have to pay to play that one Android game, either.

2. Real race 3

real race 3

For those of you who love racing-themed games, Real Racing 3 might be an interesting recommendation for you. This game application is designed with a 3D design so that it is more attractive in terms of the appearance of the design. In this game, which can be downloaded for free from the Playstore, you can choose the racing car according to your wishes. Your game collection will not be complete if you do not have Real Racing 3 installed on your Android smartphone.

3. Cut the rope: time travel

cut the rope game: time travel

The next game application that is no less popular is Cut The Rope: Time Travel, which can be one of your Android game references. The graphics in this Android game are more cheerful, with multiple levels for you to conquer. This android game application is one of the puzzle games that you need to solve to get to the next level.

4. Angry Birds

Angry Birds game

Angry Bird is also one of the Android games that is very popular among Android users. This game with birds as one of the main characters is designed with attractive graphics and is also of high quality. So that it becomes much more interesting while playing, accompanied by the game mode, which is also no less exciting. If you don’t have this exciting game to play, immediately download it for free from the Google Playstore and have a try.

5. U-Bahn-Sufer

Subway suffers game

Play with this running game mode, almost every Android user has it installed. because the plot is quite interesting, accompanied by no less cool graphics. This Android game has a game mode where you have to run to avoid being chased by security guards and dogs and collect as many coins as you can.

6. Pokemon Go

pokemon go game

Pokemon Go is the most popular game by downloaders today. Pokemon Go combines the game with the phone’s GPS functionality, so players have to walk and hunt Pokemon adventurously to train and compete with other Pokemon. In addition to this, Pokemon Go also uses augmented reality technology that allows players to play as they would in the real world. You can download this adventure game for free from Google Play.

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