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Latest Android virtual pet apps

Latest Android virtual pet apps – Pet keeping has become one of the most common activities, especially for those of you who really like pets. This is what drives application developers to create the best pet application that you can try on your Android playstore. This pet application has a variety of interesting characters for you to play. Everyone – everyone has their own fun playing.

They are made like you really have a pet that needs grooming such as eating, drinking, and even getting rid of dirt. This Android game application has a variety of interesting characters and each one has their own excitement. You can download it for free from the Android Playstore. If you want to play this Android application, here are some Android app for virtual pets that you can try to play.

Latest Android virtual pet apps

1. Pou

pou pet games

Pou is one of the characters in the pet, one of the characters in the form of a space animal who is very pampered and adorable. In this application you have to take care of Pou like a real pet. Starting with giving food, inviting him to play, to cleaning his body. Inside there are many mini-games that you can play to get coins.

2. Unicorn pet

Pet unicorn pet game

The pet in this Android game is in the shape of a horned horse which is one of the animals that live in fairy tales. Just like raising animals, this application also requires you to take care of your unicorn so that it grows well.

3. Day kittens

daily kitten pet games

You can try playing virtual kittens if you are a cat lover. In this Android game, you really have to take care of the cat by feeding it and cleaning it up. And also has to make the cat happy every day. This Android application has its own excitement to play with, just as you will really care about animals.

4. Moy 3

moy pet games 3

Although similar to other applications with almost the same gameplay, this virtual pet game application offers games for playing multiple mini-games that are widely used in it. In addition, in order for your virtual pet to become healthier, you need to give them vitamins, and there will also be new friends to accompany this moy.

5. My darling

my boo pet game

This Android game depicts a pet with a pampered and lovable character. The interesting thing is that this My Boo refuses to be invited to play if you feed him late and you have to give him lots of vitamins to stay healthy and clean it.

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Here are some Android game app for virtual pets This can be one of your recommendations if you want to try and keep this virtual animal. hopefully useful as recommendations and information for you if you want to try to keep virtual animals on your Android smartphone. Hopefully useful and good luck.

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