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Title: These 4 powerful Mobile Legend Heroes are rarely chosen
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These 4 powerful Mobile Legend Heroes are rarely chosen

Mobile legend heroes have unique unique skills.

Some heroes are weak to very strong because that hero is so strong that 1v5 is served. There is no guarantee that the hero will continue to be strong and vice versa. Because Moonton has a nerf and buff system.

Here’s a hero who was originally really strong and fit for the solo push rank. now it’s probably almost useless in the game.


Fanny is a heroine who has unlimited cable skills and uses no mana but very efficient energy so she can fly without worrying about where it goes and of course EZ is very savage.

On top of that, there’s his Ultimate Skill, which is very painful when his passive skill is used, perfect for instantly killing snipers / mages / assassins.

That is what makes it so strong.

But now all of this is just a reminder for user fanny.

Because Moonton’s Nerf is very strong, which slowly reduces the energy regeneration that was previously very fast and the use of skills that waste energy.

When Fanny recently used the cable skill, she did not reach the wall, but stopped before reaching the wall.

Additionally, the Fanny Cable Skill is rumored to have a cooldown of around 0.5 seconds.

This is of course very unfair to the user Fanny.


Long ago, with the aid of his skills, Chou was the best sniper / mage theft hero in mobile legend.

Skill 1 to get closer to the opponent, Skill 2 flashes behind the opponent can be immune and immediately step into the tower, it is very easy for Chou also in the opponent’s tower, because Skills 2 & 3 become immune which makes an attack impossible even if it’s a tower.

But since Moonton nerfed Chou’s ultimate ability, it used to be immune to use or could not be attacked by anything, now it can be attacked and it is very harmful to Chou’s users in particular because they are more careful and are thinking about diving the tower again.

In addition, Skill 2 (Shunpo) has no invincibility effect. But the damage taken is reduced by 50% for 2 seconds.


Cint used to be a sniper hero who had very large blast damage.

Clint’s passive skill (Quick Draw) that can penetrate enemy armor or physical penetration.

Apart from that, Clint who used to have the ultimate which was very dangerous for the opponent, you can go 1v5 using the ultimate he has.

But now Clint’s ultimate has been reworked to be more balanced, he said.

Now, due to Moonton’s ultimate overworking ability, Clint is rarely used by humans, maybe Clint can exist again if he returns to his former state.


Karrie is a sniper hero with passive abilities: gives the opponent a stack up to 4 times during a basic attack and on the 5th.

Karrie used to benefit from Skill 2 and her Ultimate.

Skill 2 jumps and gives two basic attacks and the ultimate attack which gives it great movement and attack speed.

Very useful for activating passive skills.

Karrie experienced a nerf, namely Cooldown Skill 2 and an increase in attack speed in her ultimate skill, which made it difficult for Karrie to chase enemies / run away, also it was difficult to activate her passive skill continuously.

These are 4 Mobile Legend Heroes that used to be very strong, actually there are more like Alpha and Moskov, but they have a buff back which makes them the heroes that are often selected again.

That is the article 4 Hero Mobile Legend, which is so strong, is rarely selected

That is the 4 Hero Mobile Legend item, which is strong, is rarely selected this time around. Hopefully you can all benefit from it. Well, see you in another article post.

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