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Title: PUBG-like games on Android (Rules of Survival)
Link: Game like PUBG on Android (Rules of Survival)

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PUBG-like games on Android (Rules of Survival)


Some time ago, Tencent supposed to be working on it Games with a battle royale formula like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG. But it was their eternal rival, NetEase, that hit the market first Games similar to the PUBG version Cell phone, mobile phone called the rules of survival worldwide.

The application RULES OF SURVIVAL is a game that simulates the user as a person who will survive from other opponents in this application. You will be one of 120 players. fallowthe beginning of the parachutist action from the plane, until finally the landing on an island and where the island has many buildings and at least weapons and military equipment are contained there.

In this game you can solo, duo or. to play Squad (4 people). If you play as a team, focus on working together, and if you play in a duo or squad, you play at least 60 different players with 120 solo players.


The wadrobe feature here is useful for seeing what wadrobe users got in this game. For users who want to know what clothes the user has in this application, you can see here and also users who want to wear purchased clothes can also use this function and also know the advantages of wadding. and here the user can change the character that the user must be male or female.

In addition, Rules Of Survival also offers in-game shop functions and costume purchases can be made with gold or diamond payers, topped up or made regularly as shown below.


Rules of Survival have pretty complete settings, including game quality or graphics, not only that, there are other settings available such as character settings, shots, vehicle settings, and aiming shot settings that can be activated to allow you to shoot targets yourself.

MAP rules of survival

The map in the Rules of Survival (ROS) game itself is quite wide, but not as wide as the PUBG game, and has a good level of detail like buildings, fields, rivers, roads and many others.

Especially if you are using a high quality game you can see that it even looks like the original.


There are many pieces of equipment and items in the Rules of Survival game, from less useful to much needed items. Choosing and choosing good equipment makes it easier for us to move around and focus.
The average player is trapped in the safe zone because they are still focused on collecting equipment (loot) in the surrounding buildings and without realizing that it is outside the safe zone or on other players’ buttocks.
This is why it is very important to select enough equipment quickly and move to a safe place to survive until the end of the game.
I’ll be sharing equipment and items in Rules of Survival and how to use them so you don’t spend a lot of time looting equipment.

In addition, this game offers a whole range of vehicle functions such as cars or motorcycles or even the latest update is ships.

The vehicle itself has many functions, not only to escape or get to the point of the ever-shrinking white circle, but also to protect yourself from enemies.
but the vehicle has blood and gasoline, if the blood runs out the car or vehicle will explode.


The trick is that if the user falls from the plane during the game and the author suggests that the user has to fall into a building that is not too big because it has to be, the user must first accurately choose the position of the user’s fall many people fall too. If the user has the feeling that another user has fallen on a small building, he can also take advantage of this by ending up in school, for example, because there are so many things that can be used. and when the user is comfortable, they can fall on a large building and quickly take away items that can be used and kill existing enemies instantly.


Current version
1.126941.127172 (Playstore)

January 17, 2021 (Playstore)
January 17, 2021 (Appstore)

Download size:
100 MB (Playstore)
648 MB (Appstore)

Android version required:
4.0.0 and higher

1,000,000 – 10,000,000

Rating: 8+


SURVIVAL RULES download link

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