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The official hunting ground with a free code to redeem fire

Android31 – Garena is known as a game developer who often gives out free gifts to its players, either through in-game events or Free Fire redemption codes. For those of you who are a frequent search for redemption codes, here are places to look for official Free Fire redemption codes.

Free code to redeem fire

The redemption code is a voucher or data package-like code that you can find at the credit counter. This code contains numbers and letters that you can exchange for in-game prizes such as skins, bundles, emotes, avatars and Lucky Royale vouchers. You can exchange it yourself through the Free Fire redemption page.

The redemption code has a varying period of validity, ranging from daily, weekly and even permanent, there is also a redemption code that is “fast, he can”. For the exchange itself, an account can only exchange the redemption code once.

Redeem free hunting spot for fire

The Free Fire Official Redemption Code is the one issued by Garena, so the Official Redemption Code can only be found on the Garena Free Fire website and social media.

For those of you who are playing the Free Fire game on the Indonesian server, you can search for redemption codes on the following Garena Free Fire sites and social media:

1. @freefirebgid

2. @

3. Facebook Garena Free Fire

4. Facebook FF Esports ID

5. Youtube Garena Free Fire Indonesia

6. Youtube FF Esports ID

Garena usually shares redemption codes on certain achievements such as the number of followers and subscribers, as well as the number of viewers on one of the videos that achieve the goal.

For example, during the live streaming event 2021 Spring FFIM Grand Final, Garena handed out a code with 2x Diamond Royale vouchers, Steffie characters, Steffie’s deluxe bundle, Ocean Predator, Heart Angel and 15x silver FFIM tokens if the number of Audience reached 350,000.

In addition, during the celebration of 6 million Instagram followers, Garena shared a baby shark emote as well as a redemption code with a general star skin during the celebration of 6.5 million Instagram followers.

Server and global redemption code

The redemption code is divided into two categories, namely the redemption server code and the global redemption code. The redemption server code is a redemption code that can only be used on the country server where you received the redemption code.

  • Example: If you received the redemption code on social media or on the Garena Free Fire Indonesia website, you can only use the redemption code on the Indonesian server.

Unlike the global redemption code, the global redemption code is a redemption code that you can use on all servers.

  • For example: you can get global redemption codes when there are moments like international Free Fire tournaments like FFAS, FFCS and FFWS.

How to use the free fire redemption code

  • Visit the Free Fire rewards page at
  • Then enter the 12-digit redemption code
  • Please check your Free Fire mail or vault / collection. You will receive a gift that you will receive after redeeming the redemption code

Here you can hunt and use the Free Fire redemption code. Android31 also accepts Free Fire Diamond recharging at low prices and supports all types of payments. Click the link below if you want to top up Free Fire Diamonds via Android31.

Charge free fire

Add the Android31 PPOB STORE application on your smartphone without installing it, open the Android31 PPOB STORE with Google Chrome, then click the 3-dot icon in Chrome and select “Add to Main Screen”. Then click on the Android31 PPOB STORE application on the main screen of your smartphone. Or open the Android31 PPOB STORE website with the Google News or News application by following or following the Android31 PPOB STORE. Then find the Android31 feed in the section below to read the article.

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