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Karina Mobile Legends gains revision ability

Android31 – Previously, we had leaked about Moonton’s makeover of Karina Mobile Legends. This is because Karina is the heroine most requested by Mobile Legends players to get Revamp.

This overhaul takes the form of Overhaul Skill 1, which Karina possesses. When Karina spends Skill 1, not only does Karina gain immune effects against physical damage, but Karina also gains a reflective damage effect that allows you to repel attacks on enemies. The enemy takes damage from the returned attack and passes stacks passively.

Unfortunately, the effect of returning this damage is only useful if you are hit by a sniper-type attack, or a missile attack, or a ranged attack. Karina’s basic immune attack now has no effect on melee attacks. So Karina will be the OP for Marksman, but Karina will have a hard time fighting melee heroes like fighters.

Please note that Karina’s 1st skill lasts a few seconds and the cooldown of her 1st skill is quite short. Karina can also reduce her cooldown by using her passive effect for 1 second per activation.

Of course, Karina will enter the legends of META Mobile via the original server in the future. Given that META Mobile Legends is currently centered around Marksman who has high DPS in the late game, maybe that’s why Moonton turns Karina into a Marksman killer!

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