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The fighter's latest mobile legend has been leaked

The fighter hero’s presence in Mobile Legends has been very busy lately. Lapu-lapu has also become one of the most popular heroes to be used in the M2 tournament after the makeover.

Then after Operation Attention and the unveiling of their latest plans for 2021. The next big Mobile Legends patch could introduce us to a new hero in Mobile Legends.

In a recent leak, a new fighter, code-named Shift Punisher, arrives with an attitude and armor that make him look like a Greek god. He wore thin armor on his arms and legs and a cloak on his chest and body. His eyes were surrounded by a purple color that might have something to do with his knowledge. Then his white hair suggested he was an aged fighter, or maybe his natural hair color was white. After that, he also had a mysterious long chain with a mysterious eye on the end.

The artwork of the weapon shows that he came from the Abyss of Shadows along with Dyrroth and Moskov. The first skill he had looked like an area-of-effect skill. While the second ability is similar to Jawhead’s ultimate ability, capable of driving away the enemy, and his final ability seems to make him “blink”.

Aside from him, Mobile Legends also previously revealed a new heroine, Beatrix, on the expanded server. He is one of the heroes with unique mechanics, because he can use four weapons with different skill effects.

Keep in mind that this is just a leak, it is not certain to be released by Mobile Legend.

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