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Build objects Alice, mage offline

Alice grew in popularity after season 18 was reworked and improved. Many use this hero as an offline. With Skill 1, Alice can move places quickly. Then what about the build item? Listen below!

Combat spells


Build objects

Demon shoes

+6 Mara regeneration

Attributes: +40 unique passive movement SPD mysticism: Eliminating enemy heroes or receiving assists restores mana by 10%, eliminating vassals restores mana by 4%.

Clock of fate

+60 magical power

+615 hp

+600 mana

Unique Passive: Adds 30 HP and 5 magical attacks every 30 seconds. Up to a maximum of 10 times. Unique passive reincarnation: when the stacking time reaches the maximum, the hero receives 5% magical attack and 300 additional mana.

Enchanted talisman

+50 magical power

+250 hp

+ 20% cooldown reduction

Unique passive mana source: Regenerates a total of 15% of maximum mana every 10 seconds.

Winter club

+60 magical power

+25 physical defense

+400 hp

Active Freeze Skill: Creates a freeze effect when used. The hero cannot do anything, but receives an immune effect on all damage and debut durations for 2 seconds with a cooldown of 100 seconds.

Lightning stick

+75 magical power

+ 10% cooldown reduction

+300 mana

Unique passive resonance: every 6 seconds the next skill jumps and deals 20-1000 magical damage (scaled with the hero’s maximum mana) to a maximum of 3 enemies.

Holy crystal

+100 magic power

Unique Secret Passive: Increases Magic Attack by 21-356 (increases with level).


It is highly recommended to use the emblem Magician emblem with the following sentences.

So these were Alice’s recommendations for built items. Hopefully helpful and thank you.

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