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The best build X.Borg 2021, most Haram Mobile Legends hero right now!

This is the best X.Borg Mobile Legends build, perfect for those of you who love to play barbarians!

X.Borg is a hero fighter that is popular with many gamers Mobile legends. With damage big time early game and high mobility, this hero is very much feared by the opponent when he is in one roadway with him.

Skills Owning X.Borg is also quite a chore. He can give damage continuously without interrupting use Skills his fire. X.Borg also has Skills which can attract the opponent, which makes it easier for him to eliminate the opponent’s hero and replenish energy.

Are you interested in using X.Borg? If so, you can see the discussion we have about tips and tricks build X.Borg Mobile legends.

Tips for creating X.Borg Mobile Legends

1. Explanation and Combo Skill X.Borg

Explanation of the X.Borg Mobile Legends Skill.

Explanation of the X.Borg Mobile Legends Skill. Above

When playing Hero in Mobile legends, the most important thing you should know is Skills and combo of the hero. Because this will make it easier for you to play.

Explanation of the X.Borg Mobile Legends ability:

    1. Passive Ability – Firaga Armor: X.Borg has two modes, namely Firaga Armor and Armorless State. In Firaga armor mode armor it will be “extra blood” for X.Borg.
    2. Skill 1 – Fire Missiles: Attack enemies with fire for 2 seconds, inflicting 25 physical DMG plus 60% physical ATK. Enemies whose temperature reaches the limit will receive True DMG and cause an effect slow at 10%.
    3. Skill 2 – Fire Posts: Fires five fire stakes and takes them after 1.7 seconds. Each inflicts 50 physical DMG and can attract enemies who are on the way there.
    4. Ultimate Ability – Last Madness: To do charge in the direction indicated while breathing fire for a few seconds and then detonating armor-his. Opponents are exposed to physical DMG, true DMG, and effects slow. After the explosion, X.Borg is in Armorless State mode.

Combo Skill X.Borg

to Skill combinations X.Borg, the mechanics are pretty complicated. But you have to get it right, because this is the key to your future success in the game. First you use Skills 2 to attract the opponent. Then use Skills 1 and automatic attack when the enemy tries to run away or dies.

Next, use Skills 2 more to accommodate the “battery” that drops when the heat of the enemy Skills 1 reaches the maximum. Because the battery is recovering armor aka X.Borg’s blood so it’s hard to die for.

Next, use ultimate skills do charge to the opponent and eliminate him. You can also use ultimate abilitye first and Skill 2 to avoid enemies who want to flee.

2. Create X.Borg Mobile Legends

Top Global X.Borg Build Items.

Top Global X.Borg Build Items. Above


As a trustworthy hero Skills, of course X.Borg needs Products which can be synergistic with Skills theirs. You can follow the recommendations Build objects X.Borg below!

Top Global X.Borg Build Items:

    1. Warrior boots: These shoes are very suitable for the use of X.Borg. The problem is with the use of Warrior Boots, defense the X.Borg has gets thicker, especially when early game.
    2. War axes: In addition to the effect of increasing the physical DMG and PEN together Blow shot at the enemy, War Ax also offers additional important attributes such as HP, Cooldown Reduction, and the SPD movement.
    3. Immortality: Products most imperative for X.Borg because of the rebirth effect, which also restores the Firaga armor.
    4. Bloodlust ax: Products This is very synergistic with Style of play X.Borg relies on Skills to recover HP from magic vamp. There is also an effect Cooldown Reduction that makes you capable Spam skills More quickly.
    5. Frozen wand: Function of purchase Products This is only to take advantage of the unique passive skills one possesses Products just that. The rest of the effects aren’t very useful as the Ice Queen wand Products Magical DMG. Passive effect of Products that can have an impact slow the opponent by 15%.
    6. Brute Force Breastplate: Products This is suitable for X.Borg, who always attack the enemy Skills. Because the more you attack Products This increases exercise SPD as well as physical and magical DEF that can bestack up to five times.

Many players use Battle Spell Flicker for X.Borg and we agree. You see, this combat spell can be used in combination with ultimate X.Borg to attack the enemy. You can also use it to escape since X.Borg doesn’t have one Skills blurred.

3. Tips for using X.Borg Mobile Legends



You have to put on X.Borg Hard shoulder, be it EXP or Gold Lane. While in roadway, you can intervene Agriculture Use enemy heroes Skills 1. What’s more Skills There’s True DMG so even the Hero Tank will be confused if hit by the fire explosion.

When the game has started center and late game, X.Borg’s job as a Hero Fighter is to help the team participate when Team fight or destroy tower Opponent.

If you already have full article, it will be difficult to kill this hero as he is very fat and agile. When then war take place, do not be afraid to be killed. Especially when you already have immortality.

apart from this Sidelaner, now many use X.Borg as a Jungler. As Cores, X.Borg certainly has the advantage of being able to play aggressively since early game. Besides, he can too Agriculture without the help of tanks or support.

Create X.Borg Mobile Legends.

Create X.Borg Mobile Legends. Above

As a player mobile legends, You need to understand the benefits X.Borg has in order to maximize its potential. Here are the advantages that X.Borg has:

    • damage sick since early game
    • Very difficult to kill, especially if you already have immortality
    • obtain in roadway there which number and Skill cooldown short
    • High durability, can regenerate PS without Products
    • Flexible, can be used as Sidelaner, Jungler, until support
    • Make a war ax damageit gets sick

5. Disadvantages of X.Borg


Although X.Borg is quite strong and difficult to beat, this hero actually has weaknesses that you need to know about as well. Here are the downsides that X.Borg has:

    • minimal Disable ability, Crowd control only slow
    • To need timed coordination suitable especially when using ultimate
    • Very vulnerable, though armor done
    • Burst Damage is only available in ultimate
    • damage so it doesn’t really feel late game
    • No ability to escape


Well that was a discussion of tips and tricks build by Hero X.Borg Mobile legends. This hero is very well suited to be played by those whose souls are barbaric and not afraid to die!

Hopefully this article is useful, yes. Much luck!

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