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Mobile Legends presents nostalgic event, this elite skin presents ...

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is back with Events what the fans have been waiting for. That is Events Nostalgia. Events it always presents itself skin status elite for free.

Events Nostalgia is here this time as it welcomes the fifth anniversary of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. to plan, Events This nostalgia runs from mid-September to the next October 15th. Combined with Events Halloween.

Skins elite presenting is very tempting. That is Skins Elite heroes Lesley “General Rosa”, X.Borg “Moto Drifter”, Karina “Spider Lily” and Harith “Stardust”. Fourth hero it is hero what is currently popular. Especially the arriving X-Borg Meta. aside from that skin elite, will also present Limits User picture.

Of course, in order to receive the prize, players must first complete the seek powered by Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Like to play ranked with friends.

The players must Sign up go in first Games and done 1 game Ranking mode or classic. Every gamethere is +2 nostalgic progress. In addition, forming a team with friends also gives +2 progress Nostalgia. Whereas Sign up Routine in 1 week gives +10 progress Nostalgia.

The players can claim Gift if progress Nostalgia has reached 70 and can choose skin elite available free of charge. Apart from the presentation Events Nostalgic, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang will also be released Events Moonstones. Prizes will be awarded at the event skin Miya with the title “Moon Priestess” and hero new Floryn to the fans.

Skins Miya can be obtained by exchanging items inside Games Called moonstone. As for getting hero Floryn, the players must do Game login consecutively from September 10th to September 21st. Later, hero Floryn can be claimed free of charge by exchanging it Hero swap Token on 09/22

hero Floryn himself has Skills can heal and inflict enemies within its range damage on the enemy. Skills it’s almost similar to hero Esther who can heal her teammates. Surely this Floryn skill will come in very handy, though Build war.

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