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The 5 best recommendations for tank heroes for Push Rank 2021, Auto Mytick!

Tank is the main hero in the Mobile Legends game. Its very important role is to cover the hero Vein , annoying Agriculture Enemy, open Folder and sacrifice damage often overpower the enemy because the armor has thick blood.

If there isn’t a tank hero on a team, it will likely lose in war because if other heroes are like that fighter the one who opens up war Of course, defeating the enemy is very easy, since the blood, unlike tanks with thick blood, is very thin.

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on season 19 currently there are some very good heroes to make Roller armor Like Kieferkopf, Rubin, and Hilda, this hero is very good at blocking enemy movement.

Here are the 5 best tank heroes Seosan 19 for push rank

1. Baxia

Baxia is a very agile tank and very effective at ganking as Skill 1 can speed up roaming and when hit by an enemy it can often stun the enemy and is very good for countering Esmeralda, Uranus, Hilda and other fat heroes , Friend.

2. Ruby

Ruby is the best crowd control hero according to Mimin, this hero is often used as a slide line role but can also be used as a tank role due to his many CC skills Robbery of lifeThe greatness of this hero is so difficult to defeat even though he has been ganked by several heroescounter this hero you have to buy item N.ekklase from Durance (NOD) and Deadly blade.

3. jaw head

Jawhead is a hero who is now very good at patching as he can throw 2 enemies with his ability.

This hero can also disrupt the opponent’s farm area by, for example, throwing a monster that is attacked by the enemy, making it difficult for the enemy’s core hero to farm.

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4. Hilda

Just like the jaw-headed hero, due to his sick abilities, this hero is very suitable for rioting the opponent’s farm area so that he can fend off enemy core heroes who are farming rain when entering the grass, so the enemy has difficulty defeating this hero .

5. Chufra

Even if Khufra’s Nerf is still effective for the current patch, this hero is very suitable for sudden attacks, as Skill 1 can reach enemies from a great distance and then can be combined with Skill 3 that takes the area (many heroes) up to the wall can numb. This hero is very suitable in combination with the heroes Lancelot (assassin) and Parsha (magician).

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