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Son of the sultan! How to send Mobile Legends Skins easily – Would you like to become a sultan but you don’t know how? How to send mobile legend skins with ease. Mimin is also given!

Do you have enough diamonds in mobile legends? When the diamonds are not in use, you can You know Sell ​​skins with the diamonds you have. But if you are a good person, you can also send skins to your friends for free.

Unfortunately, not all players know how to send mobile legend skins to friends or team members. It is very easy to send mobile legend skins to other people even if you are careful.

Right now, here’s a tutorial on how to easily send mobile legend skins that I tried.

How to send Mobile Legends Skins easily

  • Please enter the menu first shop
  • Please choose next Skin rewards like the picture below

Tap Reward Skin

  • Select the skin you want to share, tap Menu send keep going

Select the skin that you want to send

  • Look for the name of your friend who will get the skin for free. When you find it, please tap send to get to the last stage

Choose friends who will receive skins

  • At this stage, you can write messages as you wish. Give the recipient of the selected skin the best phrase, then tap the menu send and the skin will be sent automatically.

Send a skin gift message

Simple, isn’t it?

Conditions for Submitting Skin Mobile Legends

Before leaving this post, there are a few things you should know before sending skins to anyone else. Below are Moonton’s official requirements for sending skins to your friends.

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  1. Make sure you have enough diamonds to give away skin
  2. Sender and recipient accounts must be above level 15
  3. Sender and recipient have been friends for at least 1 week
  4. The sender can only send 3 skins within 24 hours

So what about the requirements? That is safe enough.

The last word

How to send more or less mobile legend skins to your friends. If you have an unclear question, please contact us using the email provided.

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