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[REVIEW] Cyberpunk 2077 - game with fantastic graphics

Android31 – Cyberpunk 2077 is the game that many players have been waiting for since CD Projekt RED was announced, the developers have been asked for patience more than once and the long wait was over immediately on December 10, 2021 when this game was released. You can play this game on PC, PlayStation 4 and XBox One.

This game is based on a tabletop game by Mike Pondsmith, which invites players to move in a cyberpunk world with various conflicts and intrigues. Here you as a player play a character who accepts every mission related to money. This makes this game similar to “The Witcher”, whose character in his fantasy world always wants to kill monsters.

Although delayed twice before its release, this game received a lot of attention from fans when it was released on December 10th. Although a lot of funny bugs are found, it doesn’t spoil the gaming experience.

This review is based on the latest update version of Day-One Patch 1.04. How about the review? whether this game is able to answer requests from fans after they felt good enough from the previous game “The Witcher 3” according to Cyberpunk 2077 Review.

Become a cyber hero character

When you enter the game you will be referred to as V, V is a mercenary ready to do anything to get lots of Eurodollars (Cyberpunk 2077 game currency). Next, you will be presented with 3 background options available namely Street Kid, Nomad and Corporate.

In the first stories you will be assigned different tasks for different customers who pay dearly for services. Together with 2 friends you will first get small tasks and then a big task that will be the beginning of an ongoing tragedy in this game.

Next you will meet a rocker named “Johny Silverhand” where this character will always chase you throughout the game until you can complete the mission and upon completing the mission you will meet new friends and even girlfriends and big enemies.

Night city

The game Cyberpunk 2077 takes the background called “Night City”, where the city is filled with heaven on earth and the environment is very rough and harsh. In a city full of wealthy corporations, you will of course also fight against the gangs who oppose corporate power.

There are 3 companies that dominate Night City the most, namely Militech (Military Aspect) where Militech controls the weapons in this game, Arasaka (Technology) this company controls advanced technology, and the last one is Kang Tao (Future Technological Aspect) . This company has a future technology that has conducted a lot of experiments and managed to develop a weapon capable of pursuing its target anywhere.

For the gang themselves, there are several well-known gangs in this game such as Animals (Contains Strong People), Voodoo Boys, Wraiths, 6th Street Gang, Maelstrom, Valentinos, Aldecaldos, The Mox and Tyger Claws. And there is a group called Scavengers, a group of Scavengers who are victims of the violence of the 9 gangs above.

In this game you can do anything like drinking in bars, buying weapons and enjoying the nightlife, almost all places in Night City are full of the image of “sexualism”.

Night City has a very solid design unlike most other games that have a very large but useless map.

Cool graphics for PC gamers

The graphics provided by CD Projekt RED are no joke in this game, Night City is designed very lively and pampers the eyes of the players. The small details that are made like garbage on the outskirts of the city, the barren grass and the luxury of various buildings. The graphics in this game can be compared to various other games.

Unfortunately you only get this display in the PC version, for the console version many players complain of many bugs such as blurry displays and others.

More play elements made of felt

In addition to very fantastic graphics, this game will give you an extraordinary real feeling when using weapons. All weapons have different RPG elements of the power of the shot fired by the weapon, not only that, but the recoil of the weapon feels different for each type.

As with RPG games, you can choose a lot of weapons here, but the weapons provided are more futuristic, there is no spear or magic here. The weapon category is divided into 3 main categories, namely:

  • Power: Weapons in this category have the ability to ricochet bullets.
  • Tech: This weapon can be charged before use.
  • Smart: an effect is given for this type of weapon in which the bullets you shoot can hit the target.

For the rarity level, the weapon is differentiated according to its color, with white being the usual weapon and orange being the rarest weapon. You can upgrade, craft, and throw away the weapons you have when not in use.

Not only are weapons that can be modified, but your character’s body can also be upgraded with a feature called “Cyberware”. This feature is able to modify the character’s body by adding as many implants with different abilities as you need. By adding multiple implants, you can spot enemies, scan and view the profiles of everyone in the game.

For the level-up system in this game which uses 2 methods, namely the main level and the street cred, street cred will increase your character’s reputation in Night City, both of which along with the frequency with which you complete missions in the game , increases.

Cyberpunk Quest 2077

GIG is the name of the quest in this game, and each quest can be uniquely completed in many ways. For example, in a normal game, if you enter the room by going through the door, there are other ways to enter the room.

CD Projekt Red gives you the freedom to complete side quests in this game. You will need to exercise all your creativity to complete the quest. Don’t think that Cyberpunk 2077 is your ordinary RPG game, in this game you will get a very fresh and exciting way to play the game.

Mission complete, game complete? Not in Cyberpunk 2077

The completed mission will not make the character personality instantly disappear and disappear in the mission, the character will have a natural relationship with the character you are playing.

Still a lot of bugs

Unfortunately, even after the update from version 1.03 to 1.04, there are still many bugs in this game that you can find.

Maybe CD Projekt Red will fix this problem soon, considering that earlier games had similar incidents as well.


Even if this game takes a long time to own, it can be paid off with what you feel while playing Cyberpunk 2077. The visual appearance is very appealing to the eye, the creativity that comes with how you complete side quests in the game. While there are some bugs that still pose an obstacle in this game, it is likely that the developers will fix them soon, if not as soon as possible.

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