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Build Gatotkaca Mobile Legends, Worst and Strongest 2021 Season 18

Android31 – Gatotkaca is one of the tank heroes in the Mobile Legends game. This hero is widely used by gamers considering how much damage this hero can inflict on his opponents and he has pretty good defense as a tank driver.

For those of you who want to turn this hero into an overpowering (OP) hero after Android31, give a recommendation on building Gatotkaca Mobile Legends Season 18.

Courage mask

The first item you need to buy is Courage Mask, where this item can provide an additional + 10% cooldown, +700 HP and +25 movement speed attributes.

In addition, Gatotkaca’s active skills can also increase the movement speed of all teams by 30% and physique by 20%.

Warrior boots

Warrior Boots is the second item that you need to buy, this item offering +22 physical defense and +40 movement speed stats and with passive skills it can increase physical defense by 5 every time it receives a basic attack.

Athena’s shield

Athena’s shield offers an additional +900 HP, +20 mana regeneration, and +56 magical defense. Using this item will also cause you to take Absorbing Shied damage every 30 seconds due to the passive skill of Athena’s Shield.

Damn helmet

Cursed Helmet is an item of defense that you need to buy. With this item your hero gets +920 HP and +50 magic resistance. The passive skill itself receives 1.5% of the maximum HP and magical damage to the opponent per second.

Thunder belt

Thunder Belt is the fifth must-have item. With this item, the Gatotkaca hero gains + 10% cooldown reduction, +40 armor, +30 mana regeneration and +800 HP.

For passive skills, you get an additional True Damage of 2% of your total HP.


The last item is immortality, this item gives +800 HP and +40 physical defense and offers the opponent a shield of 300-1000 points of damage.

Hence the worst and strongest Gatotkaca Mobile Legends 2021 build season 18, if you have other builds with this hero please let us know in the comments column.

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