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Ragnarok Online Mobile Mentoring and Student Benefits Benefits: Eternal Love

Ragnarok Online Mobile: Eternal Love has mentoring and student roles. Being a mentor or a student means getting your own benefits.

StickAir will be using the mobile capabilities of Ragnarok Online and Student: Eternal Love. speak

To become a mentor, you have to reach Base Level 85 to activate the mentor function.

What do you get from a mentor?

1. Mentors receive 120 endurance combat time bonus from 3 students.

To get that extra stamina, a mentor must have an active premium. Mentors must also be on 1 card or near students, not required to form 1 group.

2. Mentors receive mentor medals from their students.

Mentors receive Mentor Medals from students as students complete their daily and weekly assignments.

How to get the Mentor Medal.
• When students complete adventure quests
• When a student completes a board quest.
• When the mentor gives the student a scroll
• When a student advances to the basic level
• If the student passes Base Level 85.

What do you get from a disciple?

1. Students receive an exp bonus of 170% for 24 hours (1,440 minutes)

To get that Exp Buff. Mentors must provide students with an Adventure Guide scroll. This 170% exp buff lasts 24 hours and is suitable for hunting. Mentors can give a new 170% exp buff in the future after this exp buff has expired.

2. Students receive a bonus buff +20 All statistics for 1 hour (60 minutes).

To get this buff +20 All Stats. Mentors must give scroll guards to students. This Buff +20 All Stats lasts 1 hour and is suitable for hunting.

3. Students will receive gold medals, equipment, and other items after reaching the specified level.

Growth Rewards are given to each student each time they reach the specified level.
When students reach level 40.50.60 and 70 students receive rewards, the rewards include Eden Equips, Lunatic Egg, Eden Coins, Adventure Meatball; and also gold medal for free.

4. Students receive Basic and JOB Exp, additional Zeny every time they complete Adventure Quests.

Base & JOB Exp and even Zeny are given to students every time they complete their daily and weekly adventure quests.

A student’s adventure quests are:

Daily quests

• Complete 2 board quests.
• Complete 6 quest boards.
• Completed 10 board quests.
• Complete 2 time rifts
• Complete 5 Time Rifts
• Complete the training ground

Weekly quests

• Completed Valhalla ruins level 60
• Past the Endless Tower 20th floor
• Past the Endless Tower 40th floor
• Past the Endless Tower 50th floor
• Past the Endless Tower 60th floor

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