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Types of zombies in PUBG Mobile

Types of zombies in PUBG Mobile

The PUBG collaboration with CAPCOM Resident Evil 2 presents this time a new mode in the PUBG game. Survive Till Dawn mode that gives the feeling of fighting zombies in the middle of a fight.

StickAir has received some information about the types of zombies present in the PUBG mode Survive Till Dawn game this time around.

These zombies will be in significant numbers in all locations and they have no skills, just attack normally like a zombie.

This zombie is similar to the zombie from the Left For Dead game called BOMBER. The body is bigger and thicker, but this zombie’s movement is not slow. In addition to relatively fast movements, this zombie has a very high attack power. The ultimate ability is that this zombie can explode if the player kills themselves.

This zombie has a unique ability to spit poison on its enemies. This zombie’s movement is a bit slow, yet predictable, so it can be avoided by players.

This zombie is a zombie that is present in the Resident Evil game. This zombie licker has pretty high speed and attack power, just like the version in the Resident Evil game. This zombie can cause you trouble, so you’ll need to dodge his attacks.

This zombie is a zombie boss in Resident Evil 2. As in Resident Evil 2, this zombie uses an iron pipe as a weapon and chases the player. This zombie has a very high movement speed. Don’t expect killing him to be so easy for you.

This zombie is the hottest in all of the zombie circles in PUBG. This zombie is a zombie in the game Resident Evil 2. This zombie has quite a hard and big body, the zombie’s ability is attack power and very high movement speed. Another ability of Zombie Tyrant is that he can throw large stones at players and cause significant damage.

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