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Professional Cert hemp picker and its advantages - LifeAfter - PlayGames-de | Games | Android | iOS | Pc

As I discussed in the previous article, later in the Lifeafter game you will be faced with the decision to choose one of 9 professional certificates that will make your life easier in this game. So that you don’t get confused when choosing the good one, I will support you in choosing the right profession for you. The profession we’re going to discuss this time around is hemp picking.

Professional certified hemp picker Lifeafter

Not inferior to other professions in Lifeafter games. Hemp picking is a profession that has particular perks and skills that can make it easier and provide its own perks. What are the advantages of choosing this profession?

The advantages of a hemp picker in the LifeAfter Game

Many players choose this profession because of its ability to take mutant hemp. If miners are given speed in mining, a hemp picker gains advantages through speed in collecting hemp, an increase in the drop chance of secondary resources from hemp, easy getting of hemp bast, plant roots, etc. Jute Steam is an exclusive item from the hemp picking profession in the LifeAfter game.

1. Secondary resources hemp pickers

The possibility of getting a seed or seed will increase, this item is one of the hard to get items that is a rare item and falls into the category of secondary resources.

2. Increase the collection speed

Increases the speed of picking herbs by 4%.

3. Primary critical opportunity

When collecting plants, the chance of a critical hit is the most likely thanks to the 2.5% increased critical chance. Critical chance increases the number of resources / plants you get when you collect it.

4. Secondary resource critical

Chance when you collect plants you get an additional critical chance to increase by 2%. Critical Chance increases the number of secondary resources you get from collecting plants.

5. Jute leaf and jute steam

Professional Cert hemp collecting gives you the opportunity to obtain rare items that are only available from. can be picked up professional Cert hemp picker, namely jute leaf and jute handle.

Interested in choosing the profession of hemp picker? If not, there are other professions you can choose from, I’ll discuss them in the next post.

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