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How to Create Correct Ranger Job Stats / Classes on Laplace M - PlayGames-en | Games | Android | iOS | Pc

When asked what class / job is the best in the Laplace M game, my personal opinion is the Job Ranger. This job / class is recommended for anyone who is just beginning to play MMORPG. The second choice is usually the job mage class. That’s just my opinion because of course each of us has our own views on the style of play and choosing the best job / class in the game, especially in Laplace M.

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I consciously recommend the two jobs mentioned above because both belong to a class with a ranged attack type, which makes playing very easy and very friendly to the Newbie although.

Ranger itself is a derivative (2nd grade) job looking for a cleric class. You can choose priests if you don’t want to be a ranger. For those interested in becoming a ranger, below is a guide on how to play a job ranger in the Laplace M android game.

Before I enter the guide, I just want to know that this guide or guide comes from the experience of my guild friend who is very well versed in playing job rangers, he is also not a free player. Kemrin had time to ask how much money he spent on this game, he said around 500,000. Wow, that’s pretty good, I think who’s actually a Missqueen Freeplayer hehe.

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Okay, without further ado, here are the gear guides, maps, and ranger build skills in the Android mobile game Laplace M.

Guide Skill Build, Card Set and Selecting Equipment for Class Ranger Laplace M

1. Skill building

For you Job Ranger fans, don’t waste your silver buying items that aren’t important in the early game, like fur and clothing that I know you really want to wear, but I’ll get you guys from now on warn that the ranger needs a lot of SP. So allocate your silver first to redeem SP. Ok, let’s go straight to the build;

Hybrid builds; Decent damage, can heal, and good for Solo Card Realm

For the cleric, you can take the Prayer of Nature, Whirlwind, or Flower Praise skill (choose one), and the skill must be taken from the Cleric Song of the Forest profession.

How to Create the Right Ranger Job / Class on Laplace M

The assignment of skills is actually free according to your wishes, but here I only give a hint according to my version.

-Prayer of nature (10) + passive 5 = 15
– Song of the forest (5) + passive 5 = 10
– Whirlwind or Flower Praise choose one (5) + passive 5

The total is 35.5 VP, the rest you can assign to the general Skill All Attribute Mastery 5.

For the Ranger skill in particular, I will prioritize which ones you need to raise first.

Required Skill Fairy Arrow => Song of the Forest if you are lvl 60 => Improved Fairy Arrow => Ranger Mastery => Superior Song of the Forest.

Remarks : Full DPS, no maximum healing, 30% more damage than hybrid builds.

How to Create the Right Ranger Job / Class on Laplace M

For my version of the full DPS build, you can see in the picture above. If your guardian is still normal, you can move the array mastery skill to all-attribute mastery as the array attack skill will have a huge impact when the atk guardian array atk is above 3000.

2. Guide equipment

To equip, like other DPS jobs, focus on weapons, gloves with talisman first. For armor sets, you can use level 40, but look at the set effect first. If the effect of set (4) is damage reduction, it is better to only use 2 level 40 sets, later combined with 2 level 50 sets. To reforge weapon status, the glove and talisman focus on finding atk-int-will.
for armor sets look for the status “int-will”.

3. Best ranger card set

  • Just a simple gun slot as most cards in good guns are hard to come by.
  • Glove slots, my recommendation for PvP is to use Snow Wolf as the cleric derivative is the only job that doesn’t have stunt / freeze skills, the second is the purple werewolf gladiator tier II card, theirs Increase ATK and Lifesteal skills as much as possible.
  • Armor Set Slot, Margaret 4 adds a mandatory critical hit rate for free players, Nympha 4 for life steal increase, Frosty Ace Goat 4 for additional% damage. Optional Level II Purple Winter Dryad Card and Yellow Metal Guard Card.

All of the above cards are affordable for free players, all of which are available at Card Realm. Headware slot, thanks to the headware in the slot, the card searches for damage effect in% or final damage.

Play DPS in the party when you run Snow Nightmare
DPS game stats in the group when Snow Nightmare is running

Guardians and emblems as much as possible because it depends on your hockey. But for those of you who have Guardian Raccoon, I recommend increasing your Guardian HP and Guardian ATK. The prices for Guardian ATK books like Assault, Sharpen, and Deadly III are not very expensive. “

Okay so these are all guides for Playgames ID versions, my advice if you are aiming for a job ranger and you are a freelance gamer you need to be patient. Ranger is a job holder, for the same equipment and the same capital, other pure DPS jobs such as assassin and mage derivatives do more damage. Suggestions and input are welcome, please share your build here

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