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Title: Overview Pyromancer Cap 90
Link: Overview Pyromancer Cap 90

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Overview Pyromancer Cap 90

Pyromancer is a Sorcerress class job on the Elemental Lord Path that focuses on API elements. Sorcerress said, <(“) was booming at 50 (I wasn't born yet) but it gets lost over time. This 90 stamped Pyromancer user doesn't know if to be happy or even sad. It's nice because our brother Cryomance is rarely seen. It's sad because our brother Cryomance has become his role-playing game as a DPS. That means a lot of DPS jobs are added, a lot of competitors are added. So how do we deal with this?But the good (and bad) news: Although Cryomance is being made into pure DPS, Cryomance is being gradually abandoned. In fact, there are also many who changed jobs to become Pyromancers in the early 1990s, even though more people changed jobs to Smasher, Colon Three Emoticons
In this 90 cap, the Pyros have to compete with the current TOP 3 DPS, namely Sniper, Smasher and Barbarian.

Self defense:

Pyro versus sniper
Pyro and Sniper both have the same casting time llaaamaaa Colonthree emoticons But,
(+) Fireball Ex who plays Pyros DPS can be cast 3 times 15 SECONDS AT A TIME !!! And Fire Ball Exi, the cast time is faster than Charge Shot (if I’m not mistaken the name) even though it uses the Action Speed ​​Plate, you know, Pacman emoticon
So Pyro can still keep up with Job Sniper.

Pyro versus Smasher
That’s a bit difficult, colon three emoticons I’ll admit that Smasher is the king of the 90s brand, it can’t be challenged. Play DPS Spectrum Ray, which can be cast 3 times. But,
(+) So Spectrum Ray can be cast three times? Oh, Fireball EX can also use Spectrum Ray tongue emoticon, it takes about 25 seconds to cast Spectrum Ray but FireBall Ex only takes 15 seconds, Pacman emoticon

(+) Skill 50 is Rolling Lava, is the second sick skill after FireBall Ex. Rolling Lava has insane damage and a much faster cast time than Smashers Lasser Cutter. The possibility of a direct hit is therefore more likely than with the Lasser Cutter Smasher.
Pyro can still keep up with King stamp 90!

Pyro vs Barbarian
Honestly if you lose the pyro race the Btw Cyrcle Swing EX pacman emoticon is insane! Ill beudd Colonthree emoticons But,
(+) Barbarian has a lot of buffs and debuffs. To deal maximum damage, BB has to perform a special ritual, let alone masochist (thin blood does more damage). But Pyro doesn’t have a Buff brother. More specifically, Pyros Buff-Buff is used as a passive skill. All hail, burning hand and hellfire !!! For the pyro ritual pure only uses debuffs. So we focus on throwing our skills while maintaining our DPS score. Examples of rituals I usually use for Pyro, Inferno (-20% Crit Resist) – Fireball Exi – Phoenix Strike (-20 Fire Resist) – Fire Ball Exi – Back Blink – Rolling Lava – Fire Ball Ex. The essence of DPS Pyromancer is only in 2 skills, namely Inferno and Phenix Strike, the rest let Hell Fire and Burning Hand work by themselves.

And the 3 jobs above are not elementary jobs while Pyro is elementary (FD Boong Boongan Pacman Emoticon). The 3 jobs above are not! (If so, the element must be smaller. Admit it! Admit it or not! Pacman emoticon)

Disadvantages of Pyro:
(-) Deff, thin cell phone. That is for sure the sorceress class -, –
(-) The casting time is a bit long. Don’t worry, there is still Fire Ball Exi
(-) Not much in demand, so it is difficult to find a teacher. Everything is more self-explored than asking Mastah Pyro.

By the way, if you combine these 4 jobs, the damage done by Pyro is sure to increase dramatically
BB -> matting
Snip -> Crit up
Smasher -> Debuff Mirror
And other debuff debuffs.
Basically we need each other.

Ok, here is the story about the Pyromancer. I think Pyromancer is still in TOP DPS until whenever !!

Sorry to Sniper, Smasher, and BB users. Yes, please understand that I’m talking about Pyro, so only its advantages will be discussed, just a few disadvantages.

There’s an example of Fire Ball Ex’s damaging skill. It’s still much smaller than the others. BTW, it’s no buff damage and my city value is only 87k Crit 77% Fire 66% (Jade full of Crit Pacman emoticon

Have fun playing:

Kiki emoticon

So the article at a glance of the Pyromancer Cap 90

This time around, that is an article overview of the Pyromancer Cap 90 that hopefully you can all benefit from. Well, see you in another article post.

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