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Title: Snipers on the Erangel PUBG Mobile Map
Link: Snipers on the Erangel PUBG Mobile Map

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Snipers on the Erangel PUBG Mobile Map

Play as a sniper in the game PUBG Mobile usually less desirable, even if you are able to find the right spot, sniper can bring in a chicken dinner. PUBG Mobile is a game in the battle royale genre in which each player is placed in a specific location and kills each other to get the winner.

There are many ways to win the game PUBG Mobile This. There are barbarians playing, worms playing, strategy playing, etc. One of the ways to do this in the game PUBG Mobile is to play as a sniper.
Sniper has some very big advantages if you are very skilled as a sniper. The first benefit if you have used Attachments the right one for your sniper rifle, then you cannot be detected by the enemy.
In addition, even if your opponent is spotted by the enemy, you can easily immobilize your opponent as you are usually in a more advantageous position. Playing as a sniper tends to collect a lot of kills without having to face an opponent as you rely on attacks from a great distance.
One of the main factors that affect a sniper’s game in PUBG Mobile The location on site is of course good. So here are some great locations that can be used as sniper locations on the Erangel map!


Pochinki is indeed a place that gets pretty crowded at the start of the game. All you have to do is survive in this place.

Busy places like this are usually not used as sniper locations by the enemy.

Pochinki offers a variety of high quality weapons, one of which is a sniper rifle. Well, usually there have to be players trying to enter Pochinki to loot after being able to survive.
You can snipe well with it. Use the roof of the building to aim at your enemies.


The school is also one of the most crowded places to visit at the beginning of the game. Just like Pochinki, at the beginning of the game you must be able to survive because you have good weapons.
If you can survive, you can use the school as your base sniper location as players usually always visit the school as it is in the center of the map.


Some places in Erangel have church buildings. This church building is certainly the best building that can be used as a sniper location.
Usually the best place to sniper is the church near the ruins.
These are some places that you can use as a sniper base on the Erangel map. Have fun aiming!

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