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MPL starting bonus, free hero event, permanent mobile legends

Android31MPL kick-off bonus is the most anticipated and popular event by gamers Mobile legends, because in this event you can permanently get a free hero.

For you players Mobile legends Make a note of the start date of the event MPL kick-off bonus that starts tomorrow date August 12-21, 2021. This event aims to enliven MPL Season 8 what starts on August 13, 2021.

Then how do I get a free hero in this event? The way is simple, all you have to do is watch the MPL Season 8 game and you are entitled to a permanent free hero, one of the following four heroes:

1. Wanwan

2. Harley

3. Hayabusa

4. Angela

Wan wan Become one of the free heroes you can get besides being a hero MM which is widely used by gamers Mobile legends, Wan wan gets the latest skin with the name at this MPL event Wanwan E-Girl.

So don’t miss this event. You can expand your collection of heroes without having to spend battle points or diamonds.

For those who don’t know what it is MPL Mobile Legends, here we explain.

MPL or Mobile Legends Professional League, is a league followed by professional players from all over the world. And for your loyal Mobile Legends players, you can watch these pro players play in the MPL event.

Evos, RRQ, Onic, alter ego, Bigetron, RBG, aura and Geek Fam are the big teams that will take part in the MPL from Indonesia.

In MPL Season 7, Evos made it to 1. MPL Season 8.

You can also top up Mobile Legends Diamonds at great prices via the Android 31 PPOB STORE at Bukalapak.

Add the Android31 PPOB STORE application on your smartphone without installing it, open the Android31 PPOB STORE with Google Chrome, then click the 3-dot icon in Chrome and select “Add to Main Screen”. Then click on the Android31 PPOB STORE application on the main screen of your smartphone. Or open the Android31 PPOB STORE website with the Google News or News application by following or following the Android31 PPOB STORE. Then find the Android31 feed in the section below to read the article.

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