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7 reasons many Mobile Legends players rarely choose tanks!

Android31tank is a role that is rarely used in Mobile legends in 2021, especially if you are a solo ranked player.

How do we conclude that this roller tank is rarely used? One of the things that got us to do this post is a trend “S5 tank” This means that if you are fifth or last placed player, you will be forced to use the role tank in Mobile legends.

Here are 7 reasons many players don’t want to use heroes tank in Mobile legends.

1. Wrong

role player tank This is wrong, the main job role users do tank is paving the way and disrupting it Hyper carry that of the opponent, but of course that also applies to our team. Hyper carry our team is also disturbed by tank opposing team.

When you’re alone, you prepare the way for distractions Hyper carry Opponent, and alas Hyper carry belonging to the enemy managed to kill tank ours, then we are accused by our teammates.

Let’s say we manage to lock down the enemy hero, but there is no attack from any other hero on our team, so the enemy can easily escape.

“crooked” That’s why a lot of people don’t use heroes tank in Mobile legends 2021.

2. Tanks cannot bear

Obviously not if the hero tank can not Wear at games. So you cannot protect or carry teammates. Different from heroes jungle or fighter that can kill an opponent even if the situation is 1 against 5.

hero tank very dependent on Hyper carrywhen hero tank play right but get no help Hyper carry from a teammate, it’s a lie.

3. A team with spoiled junglers

Many jungle what is very spoiled is the third reason behind the decline in players using heroes tank. user jungle that always wants to be protected every time Agriculture.

Even if the hero’s job tank actually does not protect jungle to kill all monsters but disturb them Hyper carry Enemies so as not to kill monsters in the forest and then jungle we can Agriculture as much as you want in your own or hostile forest.

4. Underestimate the hero armor

Lots of players Mobile legends, especially gamers Solo ranking really underestimate the hero role tank. You feel that the hero tank is only needed as a supplement, or one will simply become the target of the enemy. Even if the role of the hero tank very important especially when entering Late game, Hero tank very useful in paving the way to make sure the area is safe from enemy heroes.

5. Slow movement of hero tanks

Hero movement tank it’s really slow Mobile legends and make it difficult for them to catch up with opponents. But that’s no excuse for that Hyper carry Wars without the presence of a tanker. It’s not a problem though Hyper carry It doesn’t blame the hero tankbut it would be a problem if Hyper carry killed for waging war without heroes tank and blame the hero tank this is not only the hero’s fault tank, should Hyper carry can wait for the moment of war that will be opened by the tank.

6. Trauma in the previous game

There is trauma or being lazy to use heroes tank because of the loss in the previous match who wasn’t quite a hero user tank. It could be that people are blaming the hero users tank is the worst player.

7. Lots of rock players

Lots of players Solo rank the rock is the final reason many players hesitate to choose a hero role tank. hero tank Enemies cannot kill alone, they must be assisted or assisted by other heroes in order to wage war or kill enemy enemies.

The last word

Those are 7 reasons why many gamblers Mobile legends hesitates to choose a hero tank especially in solo rank.

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