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More loud! How to change 3G network to 4G LTE

Amid the rampant trend to play online games like Mobile Legends, there are still some critical issues that gamers frequently experience. Especially if it’s not a lag issue due to a network connection.

You can do this by changing the Internet network you are using. If you have only relied on 3G or H + networks until now, this time you can try the 4G network, which is certainly faster and also more stable.

The problem is that not all smartphones allow users to lock the 4G network by default. But to overcome this, you can read this article until the end so that your problem will be answered quickly.

In keeping with the theme of this article, I will assist you in moving the 3G network to 4G on all of your smartphone devices. So, how? Let’s check out the following tutorial!

How to change 3G network to 4G LTE for all HP brands

  • Please log in Summoning menu
  • Then select or press the code below * # * # 4636 # * # *

Enter the code

  • A new window opens automatically
  • Please select menu Device information (If there are 2 options, please choose according to the SIM card number you are using)

Select device information

  • Scroll your smartphone screen until you select the network SIM card. Change your network connection to 4G by selecting the option LTE only like the picture below

Conversion of the network to 4G LTE

  • And your standard network will automatically change to 4G

Simple, isn’t it? But before you leave this post, it’s a good idea to read the question-and-answer session below.

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1. What are the requirements for the above tutorial to work successfully?

Of course, for this tutorial to work, your smartphone must support 4G networks. You will also need to purchase a data package that supports 4G networks. In addition, the area used is also required to reach this network.

2. Will the 4G network be the default network on my smartphone after this tutorial?

If you meet the above requirements, your default network will automatically change to 4G.

3. Can I change the standard network of my smartphone as before?

Of course I can. Using the same method, you can easily change your network from 3G to 4G or vice versa.

The last word

Thank you for reading the article that titled Simply Switching from 3G to 4G Networks. After practicing this tutorial, I hope that your internet connection will get better and you can use it to play online games without any lag. Have a good time!

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