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Unstable? How to Overcome Analog Errors in Mobile Legends – Have you ever had issues with analog errors in Mobile Legends games? The analog moves and bothers you? It must be really annoying.

As one of the most popular analog MOBA games in the world, Mobile Legends always tries to fix any issues in the game. Good when it comes to networking Mobile legends that often lag behind, 8-bit HD display, for better game performance.

But what if the analog button used to control the hero becomes a bug? It has to be really cool. Moving the hero becomes difficult, directing the hero’s abilities becomes difficult, the war loses, the rank drops and ends in frustration.

Huh, I feel like I want to slam this phone.

How to Overcome the Analog ML Error

How to Overcome the Analog Mobile Legends Error

But wait! In fact, there is an easy way to solve this analog ml error problem.

For Xiaomi users only – MIUI 12

This problem must arise for owners of Xiaomi smartphones with MIUI 12. You could say the analog ml error on Xiaomi smartphones is a bug that appeared after the MIUI 12 update.

To solve this problem, it is easy. Please follow the steps below.

First, open the Mobile Legends game on your smartphone. Then tap the icon settings gear-shaped next to the signal logo. You have to activate it in the basic settings HD mode Mobile Legends games.

Select the HD mode

This is where MIUI 12’s fault lies, when HD mode is disabled, the analog moves to where it should.

For all HP

For other smartphone users like Realme, Asus, Oppo, Samsung, Vivo and many others, this method is the most common tutorial and works for any analog problem. What you need to do is:

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Open the Mobile Legends game on your smartphone. Then click on menu settings (Gear logo) next to the signal. Then select the menu under basic settings steering. After that, scroll down your smartphone screen and find the option Fixed position. Change the Fixed Position option from Off to On.

Choose a fixed position

This is the article about how to fix an analog bug in the Mobile Legends game. Hopefully this tutorial is useful and don’t forget to read other interesting articles.

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