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Minsitthar Mobile Legends strengths and weaknesses

Minsitthar Gilded King Mobile Legends

Cecepkocep – Minsitthar is one of the battle heroes in the Mobile Legends Bang Bang game. This hero was released after Kadita, a local hero from Indonesia. Well, Minsitthar is also a local boy from Myanmar. Minsitthar is a fighting hero, but we can actually use him as a tanker too. Because the durability it has is also quite great to be used as a tanker, although generally not as effective as tanker.

Minshittar is a hero who I think is the most unique because he has a new type of crowd control called “grounde”. This type of crowd control prevents the opponent from moving by using directional skills like sprinting, jumping, blinking / flicker, and charging. So all the skills that can make the hero move in a targeted manner do not work.

On this occasion, Cecepkocep will now discuss the strengths and weaknesses of Minsitthar. Let’s check out the review below.

Minsitthar benefits

Super crowd control fighter

If we look closely, all the skills Minsitthar possesses will result in crowd control. His first skill can attract enemies, such as skill 1 owned by Franco. Then the second skill also gives a stun or recoil effect. Then his ultimate ability can have a grounded effect.

With such skills, Minsitthar can be a counterattack for agile heroes like Harith. Actually this Minsitthar is a natural counterattack for Harith. Because the second skill cannot be used in the Minsitthar ultimate skill set. In addition, we can counter Fanny with Minsitthar, who is known as a very agile assassin.

So Minsitthar is a hero who has a very complete CC skill that is useful for catching and silencing his opponents. He’s the right counterattack to fight agile heroes like Fanny, Harith, Gusion and Lancelot.

Deadly skill combo

The combination of Minsitthar’s three abilities is also very deadly as it creates a dangerous attack. First we can pick up the target with the first skill, then we hold the movement with the ultimate skill so it gets the ground effect. Of course, if the target is in the area of ​​skill 3, it won’t move unless we give a stun effect with skill 2.

This Minsitthar skill combo deals tremendous damage, especially from the third skill. We can use this combination of skills deep in the grass to launch a surprise attack. Skill 3 will really do damage as the four Minsitthar of the Royal Guard deal damage to the targets in the circle area. The enemy cannot move when hit by this skill combination. Also Read: Minsitthar Mobile Legends Build Item is Worst and Hardest of 2021

Ideal in all phases

Minsitthar is a fighter who I think is ideal at all stages, be it early, middle, or late game. However, I find that Minsitthar is too strong at the beginning of the game because we can hook into the tower with his first ability. With a combination of magic flicker, this is of course very impractical. The opponent will also find himself in a dilemma, because playing aggressively is very dangerous, playing defensively from the tower must also be vigilant.

It would be better if Minsitttha was combined with the team’s carry hero so that our carry hero can do extra damage when he gives CC. But actually, Minsitthar himself also does terrible damage to do a combo kill. However, if Minsitthar is playing with a team, his passive skills will make it easier for him to get gold.

Mass damage

Minsitthar’s third skill not only provides deadly crowd control, but also deals great damage and area damage. Of course, this will be very impractical for team fight conditions, all agile heroes will not be able to use their sprinting skills. In addition, Skill 3 also benefits us in push and tower defense.

The third ability of Minsittar is that he will storm a little in the direction we indicated and summon 4 royal guards to form an area and also attack targets in that area. Each Royal Guard deals damage, so targets around 4 Minsitthars (excluding Minsitthar) are attacked, so Skill 3 deals enormous damage.

Flexible hero

Minsitthar is a pretty flexible hero, but we can use him as a hunter, a half-tank, or even a full tanker. Minsitthar has the characteristics of a hero like Chou, a fighter who can do great damage and has a lot of control over the crowd. We are free to choose him as a hunter or tanker depending on the game conditions and of course with your own gameplay.

We can use Minsitthar as a tanker as he has pretty great physical and magical defenses when using his ultimate. So not only does he have deadly crowd control, but he also has pretty high endurance. This way we can also use Minsitthar as tank heroes.

Minsitthar’s weaknesses

Skill cooldown long enough

All abilities Minsitthar possesses are very overpowering, but unfortunately the cooldown of the ability is quite long. He’s now a fighter who relies heavily on skill when compared to simple attacks. Hence, Minsittar’s build is similar to Lapu-lapu and Leomord, which require items to reduce cooldown.

This Minsitthar is not a good fighter for fistfighting or hand-to-hand combat as he is very dependent on his skills. You don’t expect to win to compete with Zilong, Alucard, or Leomord. So we need to build cooldown reduction items to maximize all abilities, but at least we need a 20% cooldown reduction.

Depending on the ability

As I mentioned earlier, the main weakness of Minsitthar is that it is very skill-dependent compared to simple attacks. This way we have to play like an assassin rather than a fighter, so we have to give skills to the right monsters in order to win the fight. In this way, the skill of the player is also very important and must make very good use of the potential of this hero.

If I’m careful, it’s rare that Minsitthar users are wrong as skill levels are also quite difficult to master, especially skill 1. Plus, this hero isn’t well suited for solo ranked use either. Though Minsitthar’s hook was easier than Franco’s, it wasn’t. We still need a lot of practice to master this skill.


Minsitthar is a very wealthy hero with crowd control skills especially his ultimate ability which can create a grounded effect where the enemy with his skills cannot move. Besides, Minsitthar’s skill combination is also very difficult. However, the main weakness is that this hero is very dependent on skills while the skill’s cooldown is relatively long.

That is the discussion this time around the strengths and weaknesses of Minsitthar Mobile Legends. Don’t forget to check out Cecepkocep’s blog for more updated articles. Good luck and thank you.

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