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Desperate Blade, item with the greatest physical attack in Mobile Legends

Cecepkocep – One of the items in the game Mobile Legends Bang Bang is the blade of despair. This is an attack item that is widely used by physical heroes such as shooters, fighters, and assassins.

Blade of Despair is the most physical attack extension item in the Mobile Legends game. This item is usually bought in the late game, although there are some heroes who need to buy it at the beginning of the game. But Blade of Despair is also not a mandatory item where we can buy this item under certain conditions, such as when the team is very far ahead of the opposing team.

In this article, Cecepkocep will discuss more about the Blade of Despair Mobile Legends item. What status are given in addition to the attack speed? To find out the answer, let’s see the review below.

Base status

+170 physical attack: I mentioned earlier that Blade of Despair is the most basic state upgrade item in the game.

+ 5% movement speed: Although not too big, this additional status is very useful when the game has entered the late stage of the game. Back then, the second status of the BoD item was + 10% Physical Attack.

Adding 5% movement speed of this Despair Blade item looks very trivial but will really be felt in the late game, especially if you are an assassin user. I really feel the effect myself when I use Saber.

You need to know that + 5% movement speed is not a unique passive effect, it is a basic status. In this way we can get + 10% movement speed when buying 2 Blade of Despair items. This will of course be more effective, especially if you buy Rapid Boots and Corrosion Scythe, you can easily run away or chase enemies. Paired with the movement speed of the hero you are using.

Passive: despair

The passive voice of this item of the Blade of Despair is terrible. The passive ability deals an additional 25% physical damage to targets with less than 50% blood. The goal is not only heroes, but also minions, jungle monsters, lords and turtles.

Then not only does the basic attack increase, but also the skill damage. That way, that Blade of Despair can be a terribly late item. You can imagine that in the late game all the items are ready, including the attack items. Then increase the damage again by 25%.

Counterblade of Despair

We can counter this item of the Blade of Despair by buying armor and HP items as high as possible. We can buy blade armor or dominance ace items to increase our armor. Then the purchase of the Sky Guardian Helmet Item can also strengthen HP. We also take advantage of the passive of the items of the wings of the Apocalypse Queen and the Ancient Cuirass, reducing their damage (damage reduction).

When was it bought?

Blade of Despair is usually bought in late games, for example like Sagittarius. However, there are also some heroes who need to purchase this item in the early game, such as Saber and Helcurt. Battle heroes like Leomord, Lapu-lapu, and Martis usually purchase this item in the fourth slot or the middle game. The point is, just tweak it to suit the needs and conditions of the team. If your team’s condition is far better in terms of gold, it’s better to buy this item first so you can finish the game quickly.

That’s the discussion this time about the Blade of Despair Mobile Legends item. Don’t forget to check out Cecepkocep’s blog for the latest articles. That’s all and thanks.