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Latest leaks! Appearance of Cool Granger Legends Skin Abizz – Official information, finally leaked in the form of skin legends Granger Mobile Legends. The weapons and effects are really cool!

Who doesn’t like the Legends skin in the Mobile Legends game? This top-ranked skin is indeed a gamer’s dream, right.

Not only does it have an attractive appearance, the Legends skin is also packed with a variety of stunning effects. For example the effect of recall, the effect of death and many other effects.

But yeah, don’t expect to be able to claim this Legends skin for free! Usually if you buy a Legends skin from scratch with gacha, it would take you 3 million rupiah to get it.

Skin Legends Granger

This is what the latest Legends Granger skin looks more or less like.

As you can see, the attributes of the Legends Granger skin are very similar to the Legends Saber skin with the White Cyborg theme.

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The difference lies in Granger’s weapons, which look cool with stunning ability effects.

What do you think are you interested in buying this Legends Granger Skin? Don’t forget to give me a skin, okay?

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