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Latest information on Hero Buff and Nerf in Update Mobile Legend Patch Note 1.5.46

Mobile Legend updated patch 1.5.46 on December 12th and here is information about heroes receiving buffs and nerfs.

Moscow (buff)


Basic attack penetration damage: 0.54-1.1-0.68-1.1

Penetration damage after using Abyss Walker: 0.64-1.2 to 0.78-1.2

Ultimate (revision):

Moskov throws a spear of destruction after empowering himself. Inflicts physical damage on enemies in a straight line. The Spear of Destruction disappears when it hits an enemy Hero, dealing greater physical damage to enemies behind it. Updated description of voiceover and Moskov skill.

Johnson (polishing)

In the previous patch, we optimized the use of Ultimate Johnson and after making the following adjustments, we noticed that more and more players are using it in games. On the other hand, several “veteran” drivers told us that Johnson was moving too slowly to hit opponents. We also always wanted to give our players a more immersive driving experience. So we’ve added a new feature to his Ultimate that allows Johnson to speed up his car by tapping the skill. The speed returns to its original state when the button is released. We hope this will make it even more fun to use

Ultimate: His 2nd skill changes when his ultimate is active. Tap and hold Skill 2 for some time to increase the speed of the car, which returns to normal when released.

Brody (Setting)

During the previous adjustments, we’ve improved the Brody early and late game experience. Now we’re going to adjust the basic attack problem. With a unique auto attack mechanism, Brody is not limited by his slow auto attack due to the high damage from an early game attack and a late game critical attack. Therefore the performance is often too strong. We have reduced its basic attack damage in the early game and its critical damage in the mid and late game. To compensate, Brody’s normal auto attack damage has been increased, which can last for a relatively long time. We will continue to pay attention to the performance on the Advance Server

Basic attack (-);

Damage: 200% of physical attack – 130% of physical attack + 30 * level (parts of damage that scale with level do not count towards critical damage)


Basic Physical Attack: 115 → 105

HP growth: 12 → 13.5

Fanny polishing

Adjusting the jungle buff in the previous patch had a significant impact on some heroes. Based on our observations, we believe that Fanny needs to be adjusted in several ways to reduce the effects. In this patch, we’re reducing his energy consumption in the hopes that his ability to fly freely will not be restricted.

Skill 2: Energy consumption: 18-13 → 17-12 (Every continuous use reduces energy consumption.

Mathilda (Nerf)

Mathilda is very good at disturbing opponents and Minion Wave in the early game. So we nerfed his damage at that time and increased his role on the team.

Skill 1 base damage: 500-650 → 400-600

Magic power bonus: 60% → 70%

A warning indicator for area damage from skill 1 has been added.

Skill 2: Ratio of the shield received by the hero of a team: 50% -70%, with a duration: 4 seconds -3 seconds.

This skill is recommended when fighting with the following heroes: Gord, Odette, Badang, Guinevere, Silvanna.

Ultimate 1

Additional magical power on damage caused by will-o’-the-wisps: 10% → 12.5%


As a backer with special ability effects, Carmilla has excellent solo skills, but offers less team advantage than other backers. As a result, it can only offer an unsatisfactory gaming experience despite the high win rate. Therefore, we decided to increase mobility and ability to cooperate by compensating for a certain damage and survivability. We will continue to monitor its performance and consider future adjustments.


Defense stolen from opponents: 10-20 → 6.4-12

Ability 1

Base damage: 100-250 → 100-200

Base HP regeneration: 60-150 → 50-150

Slowing effect: 30% – 10% (up to 5 stacks)

Ability 2

Increased movement speed Maximum 60% 70%

Reduction time of the bloodbath energy accumulation from full to used up: 1.5 sec. 2 sec.

Bloodbath energy accumulation duration 4 seconds – 4.5 seconds


Maximum slowing effect: 90% → 80%

Ratio of damage and crowd control effect between targets with Curse of Blood: 50% → 70%.

Optimizing Build Recommendations.

Ling (Nerf)

In the previous patch, we increased Ling’s energy regeneration to reduce Nerf’s impact on his burst. However, these adjustments have a greater effect on the official server than on the Advance server. With the overall balance in mind, we decided to change this upgrade from 5 to 4. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause and we will consider and observe any adjustments to avoid similar problems.


Basic energy regeneration: 5 to 4

Energy regeneration on a wall: 10 to 9.

Hanabi (polishing)


HP regeneration conversion ratio to shield: 40% → 60%

Shield Limit: 20% to 25% (from Max HP)

Fixed an issue where hanabi could not be affected by crowd control if certain skills broke their shield.

Grock (polishing)

Ability 1

Initial Physical Attack Bonus: 120% → 160% (Scales with load time.)


Increased HP regeneration near a wall: 3 + 1.6 level 15 + 1.6 * level.

Lapu-Lapu (Nerf)

We have optimized the last phase of Ultimate Lapu-Lapu, as the area of ​​effect is difficult to see for both sides. Additionally, we’ve weakened its survivability and kept its damage high to offset the effects of its previous adjustments, making it a great challenge to get into combat at the right time.


Base plate: 400 – 250

Ultimate (Heavy Sword) (-): Additional Defense: 30-70 → 10-40

Hitbox display for third phase and optimized skill usage added.

Balmond (polishing)

Skills 1 (:

Cooldown: 11-8.5 seconds + 8-5 seconds slowing effect: 40% for 2.5 seconds 30% for 2 seconds

Uranus (Setting)

Uranus is very difficult to handle due to the excessive slow and speed up effects. We hope to be able to give the opponent more space with this. Additionally, we wanted to emphasize its ability to get stronger as the fight progresses, so we made the passive voice stronger


Removed the effect of Immune to Slowing during his ultimatum.

Passive (1):

HP rain every second for each stack: 2-10 – 3-14

Jaw head (Nerf)

As a hunter, Jawhead has higher survivability and explosion damage than tanks, making other tanks rarely used. So we adjusted his Max HP in the Early and Late Game, which is more in line with his role as a fighter.


Basic HP: 2778 to 2658

HP growth: 215 to 223

Popol & Kupa

Skill 3 (-):

New effect Inflicts a small magical damage on opponents (70-100 + magical power).

Aldous (polishing)

We’ve tweaked the use of Ultimate Aldous so that players can use it by tapping the hero icon next to the Ultimate button.

Lancelot (Setting)

We have optimized the targeting of Skill 1. Puncture.


With the developments and changes we’ve made in MLBB, the gameplay of some heroes may have changed from the original role settings

She. In order to clarify this problem, especially for new players, we are regularly planning the following optimizations:

Balmond: tank / fighter → fighter

Ruby: tank / fighter → fighter / tank

Lapu-Lapu: fighter / assassin → fighter

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