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Results of the M2 group stage day 2

The first match on the second day of the M2 Mobile Legend Group phase began with a match between Alter Ego as the Indonesian team and 10S Gaming Frost as the representative team from Japan. In 2 matches at the same time, Alter Ego managed to defeat 10S Gaming Frost. The second match brought Evos SG together against Dreammax. The representative team from Brazil, Dreammax, had to acknowledge the superiority of the Singapore team Evos SG. Dreammax lost in 2 games which were quite quick and easy by Evos SG. Next up is the match between Bren Esports and 10S Gaming Frost. The Japanese team couldn’t win here either. 10S Gaming Frost had to recognize the size of the team from the Philippines in 2 direct matches. In the fourth game of the second day of the group stage, RRQ Hoshi as a team from Indonesia faced Dreammax from Brazil. RRQ slightly butchered the Brazilian team in 2 games at the same time. Even in Match 2, RRQ Hoshi was able to level Dreammax in less than 10 minutes. Of course, this match was the fastest match in M2. The next game between Bren Esports and Alter Ego was won by Bren Esport in 2 direct games. Alter Ego’s defeat was reportedly due to the lack of good chemistry between Yam and 4 other players. Because Yam is here to replace Ahmad Maungzy who can’t come to M2 because he’s positive for Covid-19. Yam plays as a sideliner. The last game of the second day of the group stage ended with RRQ Hoshi defeating Evos SG. Although RRQ Hoshi lost in the second match, the team that won MPL Indonesia 3 times beat Evos SG in the third match. The full results are as follows.

Alter Ego vs 10S Gaming Frost 2-0

Evos SG vs. Traummax 2-0

Bren Esports vs. 10S Gaming Frost 2-0

RRQ Hoshi vs. Traummax 2-0

Bren Esports vs. Alter Ego 2-0

RRQ Hoshi vs. Evos SG 2-1

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