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How to top up Mobile Legends on UNIPIN

How to top up Mobile Legends on UNIPIN – For you players of Mobile Legend games, today I will show you how to top up Mobile Legends on unipin. Mobile Legends is the most popular game among smartphone users Mobile legend games in Indonesia can bring in billions of rupiah from Moonton company.

This Mobile Legends game from China, developed by Moonton company, has been successful and has allowed Moonton company to make money all over the world.

The owner of Mobile Legends, Justin Yuan, the CEO of Moonton, has succeeded in attracting fans of Moba games on Android and making the development of Mobile Legends games even better.

Mobile Legends games can not only be played on Android but can also be played on IOS and other Android emulators.

Returning to the previous discussion, you can purchase a HERO in the Mobile Legends game, which is sold in the Mobile Legends store. To purchase a Mobile Legends HERO, you will need Diamond, one of the HERO purchase transactions in Mobile Legends. Completing Mobile Legends Diamond is required if you wish to purchase HERO Mobile Legends with diamonds.

There are different ways to top up ML, one of which is you can top up Mobile Legends on Unipin, Unipin is a place to buy diamonds in Mobile Legends, then how to top up ML on Unipin?

How to charge Mobile Legends on Unipin:

2. Then visit the top up ml website on unipin here

3. Then fill out the Unipin form as shown below, for example the Mobile Legends User ID along with the Mobile Legends Zone ID

** Then select Denomination. This is the choice of how many diamonds you want to recharge in Mobile Legends

** Then select the payment method, you can use the payment method through the unipin voucher that you bought from Indomaret and Alfamart

How to charge Mobile Legends on Unipin
How to charge Mobile Legends on Unipin

How to refill ml at Unipin
How to refill ml at Unipin

Then fill out your email and then press the button CONFIRMATION

Recharge Unipin Mobile Legends
Recharge Unipin Mobile Legends

You will then receive a payment code / transaction number by email, then you can go to the nearest Indomaret shop and show the payment code / transaction number, and you can pay directly at Indomaret.

Looks like it is not easy to top up ml on Unipin, hope it helps, Gbu 🙂

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