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How to redeem Code Mobile Legend 2021 easily

How to redeem Code Mobile Legend 2021 easily


How to redeem Code Mobile Legend 2021 easily

crocodileberdiri.blogspot.comRedeem code Mobile legend The latest in 2021 seems very simple. For those of you who want to get this ML redemption code to get a hero or mobile legend hero skin, it has become the most sought after for mobile legend games, especially for lovers of free ml redeem codes, hahaha.

How to get this ml redemption code that we normally get from events provided by Moonton itself. Moonton has many events so you will have the opportunity to claim the Mobile Legend redemption code.

When you redeem the Mobile Legend Code, you will not only receive a Mobile Legend Hero Skin or ml Hero. Then how do you redeem the latest Mobile Legend Code 2021?

How to Redeem Latest 2021 Cell Phone Legend Code Easily

1. Visit the official website of the ml 2021 redemption code here

Then the website display for the Mobile Legend 2021 redemption code will look like this:

Redemption Code ML 2021 - How to Redeem Mobile Legend Code 2021

2. Then fill out the field Coupon Code ml you have

3. Then fill in Game ID Cell Phone Legends ( Game ID This cell phone legend only has 8 numbers, for numbers marked with closing brackets that contain 4 numbers, do not enter them).

4. Then fill in Verification key Your Mobile Legend (to get the ml verification code, you can check the message associated with your ml account).

Remarks: Verification key Your Mobile Legend can only be used for 30 minutes, if more than 30 minutes then Verification key changes according to the Mobile Legend system.

5. Then press the button Send

Well until here first, hope it helps, Gbu 🙂

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