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Title: how to properly use the role of Sagittarius
Link: How to use the Sagittarius role correctly

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how to properly use the role of Sagittarius


Sagittarius aka the shooter has a role as Blood Drain / HP (Damage Dealer) from the opponent, who is then normally taken care of by the assassin. Indonesian players and beginners usually use this role as the main role. However, many of them played poorly, so that their previously important role was playful.

Sometimes I annoy myself when I see people arguing over the pick mm and insist that I don’t want to give up at all, but when I play it turns out to be unreliable. These are some tips that we hope will help you become a reliable shooter.

Tips for Using Marksman in Mobile Legends

1. Must be good at keeping your distance.

Although it has high damage, MM has thin HP, in the Zilong combo it can reduce more than half of its HP for a while. Make use of the long firing range to deal as much damage as possible. When you are in a duet with a tank or fighter, shoot the enemy from behind while the focus of your enemy is diverted from the fighter / tank beforehand.

2. Must level and farm quickly.

Many may not know, the reason MM is installed in the Mid (Middle Lane) is that he can farm left and right so that the item goes fast and the level goes up quickly. Buy items to speed up farming, such as: B. Level 1 jungle items (I forgot the name) which only cost 250 gold at the start of the battle.

3. Assume a good position.

In war, try to take a good position that you think will be difficult for the enemy to reach, even better if you attack from the bushes.

4. Don’t be careless

During the war, or at least with 2 against 2, it doesn’t like to be careless without calculation. This is usually the MM’s most fatal mistake just because the item is ready, kill the most, then pretend you’re on the front line for harassing the enemy. Those who were there were kidnapped and your team lost the damage dealer who should have been the most important position. That is why there is a phrase: “You can go forward, don’t be stupid”.

5. Items focus on attack speed, crit, and life stealing

For MM items in the early game, focus on buying these three things. If the opposing team has a tank, also buy items with physical penetration (this item is used to penetrate the opponent’s armor. MM doesn’t really need any defensive items as it uses lifesteal) to survive except during late game sell shoes and then buy immortality.

Attack speed is very important for MM users as MM relies more on common attacks than skills. You don’t have to go back to the base to replenish it when you really don’t need it.

6. Understand the MM Hero Skill you are using.

Understand the MM hero skills you are using and use them to the fullest, for example Layla; can attack the tower from outside the tower after level 12, Bruno; The Skill 1 CD can be reset after we get the ball back, Clint; In addition to dodging, Skill 2 can also be used to hunt down enemies. And so forth.

7. Don’t go too far on your own

MM has always been an easy target for assassin and fighter users, especially ganks. So don’t travel too far alone without reading the situation and conditions. I’m afraid you will die stupid. The longer you waste in respawning the base, the longer your item will be.

8. Buffs

Try to get a red buff from the start of the game and whenever there is a chance. Red buff helps increase MM attack.

9. Spell

The most common spells used by MM are inspiration and retribution. Inspire helps speed up attacks, while retaliation helps speed up agriculture.

10. Potion

When all the items are ready and the game has not yet ended, it is a good idea to buy energy (red) potions. This potion adds 30 physical attack and 5% life steal for 120 seconds.

11. Experience playing as a tank

User Gunner is arguably the loudest user to ask for a tank when choosing a hero, but when the tank dies they like to say that noob tanks are useless tanks.
mm users should try roller armor occasionally when they have the opportunity and see their point of view, tanks don’t usually go to open war carelessly, tanks don’t give their lives indiscriminately even though their blood is thick, mm users should try as Tanks to better understand how tanks work so that you can cover them well when using roller shooters.

That’s all of me, hope this post is useful.

This is the article on how to properly use the Sagittarius role

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