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Title: 3 best MOBA games for Android
Link: 3 best MOBA games for Android

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3 best MOBA games for Android

3 best MOBA games for Android

Currently, MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games like DotA are among the most popular games. Besides, it can be played on Android.

Because of this, developers compete to create their own version of MOBA games and keep them updated. Any existing MOBA game certainly has its advantages and disadvantages, both in terms of gameplay and graphics.

This, of course, makes it dizzy for gamers to decide which one is best and suitable to be played on Android.

Well, that’s why I’m only giving 3 options to help you choose which is the best.

1. Mobile legends
Mobile legends

Price : Free / in-app purchase

Mobile Legends is one of the most popular MOBA games in Indonesia. There are several regional heroes in this game, one of which is a hero from Indonesia. To get a certain hero, you must first buy it with play money. Besides that. There are different modes that you can play in this game such as: Of course you will face 5 against 5 and there will be 3 lanes.

2. Awe

Price : Free / in-app purchase

It can be said that Vainglory is the most anticipated MOBA game on Android. This is because the graphics on offer are very tempting. This advantage still makes it possible to compete with other MOBA games. However, Vainglory did not use a 5 vs 5 system for a while, but instead used 3 vs 3. Perhaps this is one of the weaknesses of this game.

3. Arena of Valor
Arena of valor

Price : Free / in-app purchase

The game, which was previously called Mobile Arena, is offered by Garena, one of the most famous publishers in Indonesia. Maybe that’s what makes Arena of Valor so popular in Indonesia. With good graphics and a more stable internet connection, Arena of Valor can stay competitive with other MOBA games. Just like with Mobile Legends, you compete 5 against 5 in 3 lanes.

I can’t decide which game is best. Everyone will have their own opinion. So give it a try and decide for yourself which one is best for you.

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