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How to Get the Cobra Statue Lootbox Skin for Free

Android31 – Garena Free Fire is giving away lots of “Super March” prizes this March. Lots of free gifts that you can get by completing missions, including skins Cobra statue loot box.

How do you get it then? Here is Android31 explain how.

In the Super March event, Garena offers many missions, which you will receive prizes upon successful completion, including the Cobra Lootbox Skin as a gift from the Super Shooter mission.

Completing this mission is very simple, you just need to collect 6,000 damage without killing the enemy or the Booyah.

This mission starts March 10-18, and to get the prize you can go to the menu Event> 13./3. March> Super Shooter.

Not only that, as I said at the beginning of the article, there will be plenty of prizes to be given out by Free Fire. Here are the prizes from the Super March event:

  • Deal 4,000 damage = Pumpkin Cubic Loot Crate (x2)
  • Deal 6,000 damage = Cobra Statue Loot Crate
  • Deal 10,000 Damage = Diamond Royale Voucher (x2)

Note that the voucher for this event is valid until April 30, 2021.

Android31 also offers affordable diamond recharges for Free Fire players. Click the link below to recharge Free Fire.

Charge free fire

Add the Android31 PPOB STORE application on your smartphone without installing it, open the Android31 PPOB STORE with Google Chrome, then click the 3-dot icon in Chrome and select “Add to Main Screen”. Then click on the Android31 PPOB STORE application on the main screen of your smartphone. Or open the Android31 PPOB STORE website with the Google News or News application by following or following the Android31 PPOB STORE. Then find the Android31 feed in the section below to read the article.

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